2023 Design Trends That Designers Are Retiring This Year

In 2024, it’s out with the old, in with the new.

In the ever-evolving world of design, trends come and go, shaping the aesthetic landscape of our living spaces. As we step into the new year, designers find themselves at the forefront of a creative revolution, ready to bid farewell to certain decor trends and colors that have adorned homes for too long. We’re delving into the dynamic realm of interior design, exploring the shifts, evolutions and innovative styles that are set to redefine our living spaces in this year.

Join us on a journey through the anticipated transformations as designers eagerly embrace the wave of change, bidding adieu to familiar motifs to make room for fresh and inspiring design aesthetics.

2023 design trends we’re happy to leave behind

This year has introduced numerous exciting decor ideas to the design realm, yet amidst the innovative concepts, some interior design trends seem overdone. While it’s crucial to honor individual style preferences, there’s a sense of anticipation for a fresh wave of inspiration in the coming year. Embracing your favorite decor pieces is encouraged, but for those eager for a change or seeking new home design ideas, here’s a selection of trends that might benefit from taking a step back.

top interior design trends like minimalism can be overdone easily, and can make architectural details feel faded.

1. Gray, greige and beige tones

The muted greys and beiges that dominated 2023 design trends now feel overplayed. While these neutrals will never necessarily go out of style, they’re used too much especially due to the large influence of minimalism.

These tones lack personality and can result in a space that feels uninspired and monotonous. Instead of defaulting to the safety of muted greys and beiges, consider injecting some life into your color palette. Experiment with bolder hues or explore the vast spectrum of nature-inspired tones.

Trend to try instead: Bold hues and saturated colors.

2. Checkered pattern play

This year, the checkered pattern in home decor has become somewhat overdone, largely due to the influence of social media influencers who fervently promoted its use. While the pattern itself exudes cool retro vibes, its widespread presence in design circles has created a feeling of saturation. The once-refreshing nod to vintage aesthetics has now reached a point where the checkered pattern has a chequered past.

Trend to try instead: Textural fabrics over patterned ones like natural linen.

A dining room and other spaces that are too decorated are out in terms of interior design trends

3. Overly coordinated decor

The 2023 trend of overly coordinated decor is on the way out, and for good reasons. The meticulous matching of every element in a space, from furniture to accessories, not only demands a significant investment of both money and time but also tends to make homes feel somewhat impersonal. The pursuit of perfection in coordination often results in spaces that lack warmth and character found in a more eclectic and personalized approach.

Trend to try instead: Maximalism.

4. Impersonal spaces

Speaking of impersonal spaces, hiding personal decor should be left to the old 2023 design trends. In the evolving world of interior decor, the idea of hiding personal touches within a home is becoming passé. Instead, there’s a rising inclination toward showcasing personal style, memories and individuality through decor. As we embrace the transition into 2024, the mantra is to let your space reflect your personality openly and tell your story with pride and authenticity.

Trend to try instead: Embracing eclectic and personal decor, like a gallery wall.

interior design trends of plants just needs to be adjusted. designers playing with plant types usually starts small, with plants like succulents

5. Overestimating our green thumb

Plants elevate rooms to the next level, bringing color and vibrancy that transforms the atmosphere effortlessly. Natural materials also tend to work well with plants in the interior design world, making plants a fun element to design around. While plants undeniably enhance the appeal of interiors, the misconception that everyone possesses expert-level gardening skills can lead to the neglect of these green companions.

Instead of letting overconfidence overshadow the joy of incorporating plants into your decor, we recommend a more mindful approach to their care and placement. Starting small and adding on is the best way to incorporate plants into decor in the year ahead.

Trend to try instead: Succulents and other low-maintenance plants.

6. Style over comfortability

Will 2024 be the year we finally prioritize comfort and practicality over style when it comes to furniture? The 2023 design trends favoring style over comfort have overstayed their welcome, and there’s a growing realization that a truly inviting and functional living space should prioritize comfortability. Investing in pieces that not only look good but also provide a cozy and functional experience can transform the way we interact with our living environments.

Opposing trend we love: Multifunctional furniture.

timeless pieces play into sustainable design and is apart of interior design trends built to last. Curvy furniture is not timeless.

7. Choosing trendy over timeless

It’s time to rethink the whole trendy versus timeless design trend. Last year, we saw a ton of trendy pieces taking over interior design trends, like curvy and rounded furniture, sculptural ceramic vases and knot and arch pieces.

But here’s the problem – being too enamored with what’s ‘in’ can make your space feel outdated and impersonal. Acrylic plastic furniture might be modern, but it’s not immune to becoming yesterday’s news. Leave chasing the latest trends behind and focus on picking pieces that feel timeless and can stand the test of time.

Timeless trends we love: mid-century modern design, sustainable design pieces and neutral rugs.

Matte wood finish and tatile tiles are more in style than gaudy gold.

8. Gaudy gold

Before you clutch your gold-set pearls, understand that gold itself will never truly be out of style. The flashy nature of gaudy gold furnishings tends to clash with the timeless, contemporary trend of clean lines and simple elegance.

People are now gravitating towards timeless and versatile pieces that contribute to a balanced and harmonious living space, which doesn’t involve the overuse of gaudy gold. The desire for a more relaxed and refined atmosphere has led to the decline of gold in favor of more subdued and sophisticated design choices.

high performance materials, very high gloss finish, glass objects and natural light all earn honorable mentions for trends we like

Think boldly in 2024

We can’t talk about 2023 design trends we want to see retired without touching on an aesthetic we hope to see carried into the new year. Our favorite design trend from last year, which we’re rooting for in the new year, is the emphasis on bold statements. Whether it’s vibrant color choices, daring patterns or eye-catching focal points, the idea of making a statement in design has added a refreshing dynamic to spaces.

Big statements inject personality, spark conversations and create memorable aesthetics. From statement furniture pieces to accent walls that demand attention, this movement invites us to become an interior designer ourselves, break free from the mundane and embrace a more daring, expressive approach to design. Let’s continue celebrating the power of bold statements to elevate our living spaces and make a lasting impression in 2024.

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