3 Startups Taking the Self Out of Self-Storage

City life is exciting! It provides constant entertainment in the way of people watching, fun things to do, and every kind of food imaginable that you could ever want (or not want!) to eat. One big thing that is lacking in the city though, is space. Space in every sense of the word.

From walking space on busy sidewalks and driving leeway on roads, to tight living quarters and minimal storage space in apartments, extra space is something that is basically nonexistent in cities. In response to this lack of room to live and store things, convenience services, like on-demand storage, have been popping up in cities to deliver a solution to this space problem.

Let’s take a look at some popular, heavily populated, American cities. According to Rentpath’s proprietary data:

  • In New York a one bedroom apartment costs approximately $1,893/month or $3.90 per square foot.
  • In Boston a one bedroom apartment costs approximately $2,271/month or $4.12 per square foot.
  • In San Francisco a one bedroom apartment costs approximately $3,052 or $5.50 per square foot.

That’s a lot of money for not a lot of space! Luckily though, these cities all have at least one on-demand storage company that services their area to rely on when they need to create some space. In New York City, Zippboxx delivers professional on-demand storage services to Big Apple residents. In Boston, Cubiq supplies full service storage services to Beantown inhabitants. Then, in San Francisco, Trove provides valet storage services to Bay Area locals.

Not only do on-demand storage companies supply much needed storage space to those living in the city, they also cover all of the logistics of getting people’s stuff into storage. With these type of storage services, residents never have to worry about renting a truck, hiring movers or traveling back and forth from a storage unit whenever they need their things back. That’s all taken care of for them through one convenient establishment.

In addition to covering all of the bases of getting the necessary items safely into storage, these on demand companies take things a step further by incorporating technology into their business model. Right through a connected device, and with just a few clicks, customers can schedule a pickup or delivery of their belongings, and manage their stored items right through a personal online inventory.

The days of having to call someone up to secure a service (even storage!) are long gone and these businesses know just how attractive this sort of amenity is to people. Especially to millennials who have grown accustomed to this way of doing business.

While city residents undeniably have their fair share of obstacles to overcome, there are plenty of solutions out there for them to lean on when it comes to making city life livable.


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