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Planning a move with your family usually suggests a large change in your life. One of the most important things to consider when moving is ensuring the moving company handles your items with respect and care, so your family’s belongings safely arrive to your new apartment safely.

There is nothing worse than unpacking your family’s things in a new home only to find that some of your valuables were damaged. Researching moving companies is as important as packing your treasures in bubble wrap and newspaper. Be sure to consider these three things when looking for a potential moving company for your new rental:

Reputation Matters

Always be sure that the moving company is reputable when it comes to apartment or rental moves. A quality moving company may cost more than you expect, but you have to understand the service that you are receiving in return for that price. Ask friends and family for suggestions. Check the phone book.

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When you contact the moving company, ask them how long they have been in business. Ask for references. A good moving company will keep names on file of customers that are willing to speak with you regarding their experience. Prepare questions to ask them that will determine their level of experience, such as how many moves they do per week or month and what equipment they use during an apartment move.

Check Fees

Fees may vary. Be sure you know what you are going to receive for the rate that you are paying. Estimates over the phone are rarely accurate, as the company typically needs to see your home before quoting a price. There may be certain circumstances in your apartment that lead to additional charges, such as staircases or narrow passages.

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Also, be sure to check with the company about what is included in their fee. Some moving companies will provide their customers with boxes and packing material. Others charge by the total weight of your items, which can lead to additional charges if your weight estimations aren’t accurate.

If you have received numerous quotes and one seems to be significantly lower than the others, check the breakdown of the fees, as there may be hidden costs that may come as a surprise later during your move.

Be Proactive

Protect your most valuable items. When you have received estimates, check the company’s liability coverage. Some companies include the coverage of items broken during transit. Others will offer coverage only if they pack your items for you, which can cost extra fees. It may be worth the extra cost to be sure that your items remain safe.

Many times, an item suffers damage during transit and the company will claim it was due to poor packaging. You could be stuck with paying to replace your own items. Check with the company to see what they cover if damaged and what they will not.

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Protecting your family’s belonging during a move is important. Choosing a quality apartment moving company is the most important key to ensuring things go smoothly in your move. Do your homework before making a final decision and give yourself a little piece of mind in an already hectic situation.

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