3 Things to Know About 55+ Communities

A 55+ community is a neighborhood or small geographic location that’s dedicated to residents who are over the age of 55. These communities are made for those who are still active and able to live on their own while making life a little more comfortable and convenient for senior residents.

Here are three things you need to know about 55+ communities.

1. They offer tailored amenities

The amenities offered by 55+ communities are chosen specifically for those who live there — people who are over 55. Such amenities often include community gardens, walking paths and classes or learning opportunities.

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2. 55+ communities don’t offer care services

A 55+ community isn’t like other types of senior communities or centers (assisted living, nursing home, etc.), so they don’t provide care for those living in them. They’re for people who are over 55 and still want to live on their own, but be surrounded by those in a similar stage of life. Anyone wanting nursing or care services should look elsewhere —like a continuing care retirement community, nursing home or assisted living center.

3. It’s not limited to only people who are 55+

Depending on the rules of a 55+ community, people who are younger than 55 can also live there. But there are usually regulations regarding such residents. Most communities require at least one person in the home to be over 55, along with anyone else who lives there.

Is a 55+ community what you’re looking for?

Depending on your needs, a 55+ community may or may not be right for you. Make sure you understand what you’re getting with a 55+ community versus other types of senior or retirement centers before moving in.

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