3 Things to Know About Accessible Apartments

An accessible apartment is one that has been altered to be more suitable for someone with a disability. It provides more comfortable and convenient living conditions for those in wheelchairs.

Here are three things you need to know about accessible apartments.

1. There are modified elements in an accessible apartment

Accessible apartments have everything you’ll find in other apartments, it’s all just modified a bit. There are wider walkways, lower countertops and handrails in the bathroom. All of these modifications make living more convenient for those with disabilities.

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2. Landlords can’t charge extra fees

Although accessible apartments have been modified, it doesn’t mean a landlord can charge extra fees to those living there. Any tenant renting an accessible apartment can’t be charged extra fees based on their condition.

Landlords also can’t discriminate against an apartment applicant if they’re disabled or handicapped, as noted in the Fair Housing Act.

3. There’s limited availability

Not every apartment building offers accessible apartments and those that do usually don’t have openings. This can make it difficult to find an accessible apartment. If you do find one, you need to act quickly as you’re probably not the only one on the lookout!

It’s worth the hunt

Although it may be difficult to come across an accessible apartment, it can be well worth the effort you spend hunting for one. It can make living in a wheelchair much easier and more comfortable and allow those with disabilities to be more independent.

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