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3 Things to Know About Amenities

Amenities are features of a rental property that make living in the property more convenient and comfortable. Amenities can include anything from a parking garage to a pool to on-site laundry facilities.

Here are three things you need to know about amenities.

1. Amenities will increase your monthly costs

Rental properties that offer amenities do it for a price. That price may be included in the monthly rent or there may be additional fees. Either way, if you want access to amenities, you’re going to pay more for them.

2. All properties offer different amenities

All amenities are not required by law, so property owners can decide which ones they want to offer. Even if two properties offer the same types of amenities, that doesn’t mean they’ll be equal. Both might offer fitness centers, but one may have a large center while the other only has a small one.

3. Amenities benefit the tenant

While landlords can benefit financially from offering amenities, the main purpose of having amenities is to benefit the tenant by making their life better. Everyone wants to have a higher quality of life and amenities can help provide that for tenants.

apartment pool

What amenities are must-haves?

Every tenant has a different standard of living and will find certain amenities more appealing. Identify which amenities are must-haves for you and you’re willing to pay extra for when you’re hunting for your next rental property.

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