3 Things to Know About Apartment Rooftop Decks

An apartment rooftop deck is an open, outside space on the roof of an apartment building where people can go to hang out and relax. Some buildings may leave them as a simple open area, while others may decorate them and turn them into more of a luxury amenity with patio furniture and other comfortable, appealing pieces of decor.

1. Apartment rooftop decks are for tenants only

An apartment rooftop deck may have great views, but only tenants can really enjoy them as they’re paying to live in the building. Rooftop deck access is often specified in a lease agreement, meaning you’ll need to have your name on one in order to get access.

2. An apartment rooftop deck may be shared or private

Depending on your situation and your lease agreement, apartment rooftop decks may be shared or private. Most buildings have a shared rooftop deck for all tenants to use. But some apartments give private access to only one or a few tenants — some even have the only entrance within their unit so nobody but them can go up.

3. Some buildings charge more for rooftop deck access

If you’re in a building with a shared rooftop deck, there may still be some restrictions and if you want access, you’ll need to pay more. While some apartments let all tenants use the rooftop deck free of charge, others may charge an additional monthly fee for use of it.


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Check your lease to see what access you have

Before you rent an apartment with a rooftop deck, ask about it and find out what the rules are for using it. Access and rules are specified in the lease agreement, so make sure you check it out to see what kind of apartment rooftop deck access you’ll have. It should also specify whether or not there’s an additional fee for access to the rooftop deck.

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