3 Things to Know About Breed Restrictions

Breed restrictions are guidelines set by property owners regarding which breed of pets — usually specific breeds of dogs — are permitted to be kept by renters at their unit.

Breed restrictions are largely used to keep properties free of dog breeds that property owners deem too large or too dangerous.

1. Some of the most popular breeds are commonly restricted

Breed restrictions may seem unfair, especially considering how much you love your furry friends. Unfortunately, property owners probably don’t have the same love for your dog. And, since it’s their property to do with as they please, you pretty much have to follow their rules.

Some of the most commonly restricted dog breeds are also some of the most common breeds to keep as pets. Common breeds prohibited by property owners include German shepherd, Pit bull, Rottweiler, Mastiff and Great Dane.

2. Breed restrictions don’t apply to service animals

If you have a service animal that you rely on, you luckily don’t have to worry about breed restrictions. Denying housing based on the ownership of a service animal is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

service dog

3. Some landlords may bend the rules

If you already have a pet that’s prohibited at your dream rental, you might feel like you’re out of options. Before you lose hope, consider reaching out to the property owner to make your case.

Some landlords will be willing to make an exception if you can prove you’re a responsible pet owner. Creating a “pet resume” and putting your dog through accredited training programs may better your chances.

Breed restrictions are a staple of renting

Breed restrictions are quite common at rental properties, and it can seem like its impossible to find the right place for you to live. With the right amount of effort and preparation — plus a little bit of insider knowledge — you’ll have no problem finding a home for you and your furry friend.

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