3 Things to Know About Crash Pads

A crash pad is a form of shared housing for those who need a place to stay temporarily. It’s similar to a hotel or Airbnb in that people will generally stay for only a few nights or a couple of weeks at a time, but it doesn’t have the same price tag.

1. Crash pads have roommates

Crash pads are shared by others who need a temporary rental. You probably won’t know any of the other people at a crash pad at any given time. You’ll get your own room, but you’ll share the rest of the rental, like the kitchen, living room and bathroom, with others.

2. Crash pads are more affordable than hotels

Crash pads are designed to cost less than hotels and other short-term housing options while still providing comfort and everything you need. Crash pads also have fully-equipped kitchens, so you don’t need to eat out every day and can save money by buying and cooking your own food.

3. All you need to bring is clothes and food

When you walk into the door of a crash pad with your suitcase, it’ll be ready to go and will still have everything you need. Couches, dishes, a refrigerator, blankets, etc., are already there and ready for your use. Most crash pads even have maid services, so you don’t need to worry about washing sheets and making your bed or cleaning your bathroom.

Is a crash pad right for you?

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If you travel often, whether it’s for work or play, a crash pad may be a good investment. This type of housing is often popular with pilots and flight attendants. Be sure to do your research first to find available space before deciding where you want to stay.

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