3 Things to Know About Doormen

Apartments with doormen aren’t just something from the movies. Having a doorman is a real amenity that you may have to consider in your next apartment hunt. Curious about what they do, what they cost and where to find them? Read on.

1. Apartments with doormen will cost you a bit more

There are certainly perks to having an apartment doorman — we’ll get to that in just a moment. But, beyond the perks, there’s also a cost. Apartments with doormen are usually more expensive than comparable apartments without a doorman.

This is especially true considering some of the rental markets where doormen are found most commonly.

2. Doormen wear many hats

doorman opening car door

Doormen aren’t just there to open the doors, though that’s an incredible perk (you’ll find out the first time you show up with your hands full of groceries).

One additional function doormen have is security. Buildings where a doorman watches the entrance are inherently safer than buildings with unmanned entrances. Doormen also help in receiving packages, meaning you don’t have to be home if you’re expecting a delivery.

3. Doormen are most common in large cities

Doormen aren’t found at every apartment building. Most frequently, doormen are found in larger cities. Doormen were much more popular years ago and perhaps larger cities have more doormen left-over from that era. Or, perhaps doormen are more beneficial in urban areas. Regardless, you’re going to have an easier time finding this amenity in a large market.

A doorman makes a big difference

Apartment hunting with your specific needs in mind is the only way you can end up in a rental that truly feels like home. Specifying amenities in your online rental search is a great way to narrow your hunt down to apartments that you’re actually looking for.

If you think an apartment with a doorman is right for you, include that in the amenities section during your search.

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