3 Things to Know About Efficiency Apartments

An efficiency apartment is an all-in-one, single room apartment. Efficiency apartments are notoriously small and often furnished. Since efficiency apartments are all-in-one, the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living area are usually contained in one space and the bathroom is separate.

1. Efficiency apartments are not studio apartments

Efficiency apartments are small, studio-like apartments with some key distinctions. For starters, kitchens in efficiency apartments are usually minimal — think about a “kitchenette.” Studios, on the other hand, may have a very large and functional kitchen.

Secondly, the purpose of efficiencies is to be able to live close to a city center without breaking the bank, so efficiency apartments are usually centrally located while studios may be found anywhere.

Lastly, efficiency apartments are notoriously small and are usually only suited for single occupancy. Studio apartments are often large enough to house at least two people.

2. Efficiency apartments are all about location

As we mentioned, the purpose of efficiency apartments is usually to be close to a city center without having to pay costly market-rate rent prices. For this reason, efficiency apartments are often lived in by young business people, students or new graduates. Efficiency apartments also make a fantastic pied-a-terre if that’s a housing option you’re in the market for.

3. Efficiency doesn’t mean “low-quality”

One misconception about an efficiency is that, because they’re affordable, they’re low quality. The entire purpose of an efficiency apartment is to make city-center life affordable but also reasonable. In fact, efficiency apartments are oftentimes quite luxurious.

Thinking about renting an efficiency apartment?

efficiency apartment view

If you’re considering renting an efficiency apartment, the most important step is to think about what your needs are — both now and in the long run. If your family will be expanding, if you need lots of space or if you don’t need to be near the city center, another apartment type might be right for you. Otherwise, exploring your options for efficiency apartments is a great idea.

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