3 Things to Know About Pest Control

Pest control is the maintenance procedure for taking care of unwanted pests like insects, rodents and other animals. Pest control is important to maintaining a livable and healthy home. Pest control is especially important in multi-unit buildings as some pests can spread quite quickly in those environments.

1. Pest control is important

Apartments should feel like home. Obviously, to have a serene place to call home, your apartment should be free of bothersome pests. However, beyond just the comfort factor, it's important for your health to maintain a good pest control routine. Many pests can carry diseases that could seriously harm you.

2. The property owner may offer pest control

One of the pros of renting vs. owning is that your property owner may handle pest control for you. Many property owners offer free, voluntary pest control at your request or involuntary, regular pest control on a schedule set out in the lease. If you're not sure about your specific property, first check your lease for explicit references to pest control and then contact your property owner if there are none.

3. Pest control can be a day-to-day effort

Beyond the occasional pest control upkeep by a professional provider, you can do some things from day to day to maintain a good pest control regimen. Blocking out entry points and ridding your home of any suitable shelters for pests is a great place to start. Proper food storage is also super important for pest control.

pest control

Pest control will make your home safe and comfortable

Pest control requires minimal effort but will truly go a long way towards keeping your home comfortable and healthy. Plus, it shows you're a responsible renter, and it's always a good idea to maintain your reputation as a responsible tenant. If you don't currently do anything for pest control, now is the best time to start.

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