3 Things to Know About Pet Deposits

Just like you need to pay a security deposit before moving into a new rental property, so does your pet.

1. It’s refundable

A pet deposit is used to ensure that you clean up after your pet and don’t let it damage any part of the rental property. If your pet does ruin something, your deposit will cover part, if not all, of the damages. And if there is no damage, you’ll get your pet deposit back.

2. It’s not the same thing as a pet fee

A pet deposit and a pet fee are not synonymous. A pet deposit is like a security deposit, whereas a pet fee is like rent for your pet. A deposit is a one-time, refundable payment, while a pet fee is a monthly, non-refundable payment.

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3. It can be negotiated

Depending on your landlord, the amount you pay for a pet deposit can be negotiated. It’s especially likely that you’ll be able to negotiate if you come to your landlord prepared. If you bring evidence, such as obedience training certificates, and you have renters insurance that covers pet damages, there’s a good chance your landlord will lower your deposit.

Pet deposits are necessary

No one wants to add to their monthly expenses, but if you want to live with your pet, you’ll have to pay the deposit. If you’re willing to pay a pet deposit, it shows your landlord that you’re willing to take responsibility for your pet. It also helps them rest at ease knowing that they won’t be the ones paying for damage should your pet cause any.

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