3 Things to Know About Pet-Friendly Apartments

A pet-friendly apartment is an apartment that's made with pets and their owners in mind. Just like a normal apartment has amenities and certain benefits for residents, a pet-friendly apartment has amenities and benefits for pets, as well.

1. "Pet-friendly" is not the same as "pet-tolerant."

A pet-tolerant apartment is one that allows pets, but doesn't cater to them. But a pet-friendly apartment goes above and beyond to make sure that your pet is and comfortable and happy and you are. They often have amenities specifically for pets and most other residents own pets, creating a community of pet lovers.

2. Pet-friendly apartments have pet-specific amenities.

Apartment buildings have amenities like a fitness center and a pool for normal residents, and pet-friendly apartments have amenities just for pets. Some common pet amenities are on-site dog parks, walking services, pet daycare and washing and grooming stations.

3. Pet-friendly apartments are more expensive.

If you live in a pet-friendly apartment, you're paying for more than yourself — you're also paying for your pet to live comfortably. And the additional pet amenities require maintenance, meaning the staff will have more work to do or there will need to be a larger staff to maintain the property.

apartment dog park

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Is it worth the price?

If you've got a pet and you want it taken care of well, it may be worth paying the extra money to live in a pet-friendly apartment. You can ensure that your pet will be comfortable and happy. But if you don't have a pet or don't need the extra amenities of a pet-friendly apartment, it may not be worth it to you.

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