3 Things to Know About Renter Cover Letters

A renter cover letter is a letter written by a potential tenant to a landlord. It showcases the positive qualities of a potential tenant and explains why they would be a good tenant if chosen.

1. A renter cover letter isn’t always required

While not all rental applications require renter cover letters, some do, and it will be specified in the application. But even in the cases where it’s not a requirement, it can certainly help your chances of being chosen over other applicants.

2. Renter cover letters should be positive

If you’re trying to impress your future landlord, you’ll want to highlight all of the good things about yourself, not the bad. When you’re writing one, stick to the positive qualities you have and mention good examples.

For example, landlords want someone who can pay rent on time, so if you’ve never missed or had a late rental payment, put that in the renter cover letter.

3. Renter cover letters should contain relevant, useful information

While you have many good qualities, a future landlord doesn’t care about all of them —just the ones that are relevant to being a good tenant. If you graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA, that’s a great accomplishment, but it’s not something you need to put into your cover letter. But if you’ve been working for the same company for the last five years and have a stable income and good credit, a landlord will find that much more appealing.

Keep yourself covered

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Rental applications are like job applications in some ways, and renter cover letters are similar to those for a job. Make sure you highlight your good qualities as a renter and make sure the landlord knows you’ll be a good tenant!

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