3 Things to Know About RentPay

If you’ve lived in a number of rentals, you’ve probably experienced around the same number of payment arrangements between tenants and property owners. There are so many ways that property owners can accept rent payments, but oftentimes, these methods are unnecessarily complex or force you to go out of your way, wasting important time.

If you’re interested in streamlining the process, read on for the most important information about the platform RentPay.

1. RentPay is helpful for you and your landlord

RentPay isn’t just beneficial to you as a renter, it actually benefits the property owner, as well! Landlords who use RentPay are able to deposit rent payments directly into their bank accounts. RentPay also offers landlords a verified payment history meaning that all parties will always be on the same page when it comes to who paid what and when.

2. You don’t have to be at a specific apartment to use RentPay

One of the most impressive features of RentPay is that your apartment doesn’t have to be partnered with RentPay in any way to use the service. In fact, almost anyone at any rental can use RentPay to pay their landlord. Even if your landlord accepts only physical, paper checks, RentPay can do that for you. And it’s all online — you never have to go to the post office or reorder checks.

3. RentPay offers an added layer of security when paying your rent

If you’ve ever been in a one-on-one dispute with your property owner about rent owed, you probably know how frustrating it can be to have no way to prove what you paid. RentPay offers a solution. When you pay your rent through RentPay, you have a digital log of all transactions. Even if you never find yourself in a dispute, this record can be helpful when applying to new apartments later on down the road.

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Is RentPay a good choice for your rent payments?

Since RentPay is pretty universal, there aren’t a lot of reasons not to use RentPay. If you live in a large apartment community, your property manager may offer other online payment solutions that are comparable. In all other cases, however, RentPay can be a seriously helpful service that will save you time, effort and frustration.

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