3 Things to Know About Senior Apartments

Many people think apartments are a place where young, single people live. However, apartments come in all shapes, sizes and forms, like apartments that cater only to seniors. Senior apartments are units designed specifically to accommodate seniors' living needs.

1. A senior apartment is not the same as a nursing home

One important distinction of a senior apartment is the level of care provided. While nursing homes provide 24/7 medical supervision and monitored care, senior apartments are for individuals who are able to live on their own. Seniors require all different levels of care, and senior apartments can offer extra independence for some.

2. There are benefits of living in a senior apartment

Senior apartments can be as simple as a standard rental unit outfitted with senior-specific features, though many do have extra amenities. Standard senior amenities usually include open layouts, handrails, a visual alert doorbell and no stairs. However, senior apartments often also offer extended amenities to make life easier for seniors. Some senior apartment communities may offer on-site catering, recreation activities, secure gate access, on-site medical care and more amenities.

3. You do have to be a senior to rent in a typical senior apartment

You typically must be a senior to rent in a senior apartment community. Some senior apartment communities may allow a small percentage of units to be rented by non-seniors. However, as a general rule, senior apartments are only available to seniors. Visitors are usually welcomed and lease guidelines typically set out how many days visitors may stay.

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Considering a senior apartment?

If you're considering renting a senior apartment, it's important that you know exactly what to expect. With the abundance of senior apartment communities available, you'll likely be able to find exactly what you're looking for. Keep in mind that advertised rental rates for a senior apartment may be higher than other apartments, but it's because of the added amenities and services.

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