3 Things to Know About Studio Apartments

A studio apartment is an all-in-one room that serves as a kitchen, living room and bedroom. The only separate room is the bathroom.

1. There are no walls to separate rooms

In a studio apartment, there’s no separate bedroom, living room and kitchen. Those three “rooms” are all contained within one living area. For obvious reasons, the bathroom will have its own walls and door, but that door may be the only one besides the front door.

studio apartment floorplan

If you want to separate your studio apartment into separate areas, you’ll have to use curtains, bookshelves or other pieces of furniture to define each “room” as its own.

2. There’s less storage space

Studio apartments are smaller than one- or two-bedroom apartments. As such, there’s less storage space. And because you don’t have separate rooms, there may be only one main closet for everything instead of a bedroom closet and a separate storage closet in the main living area.

Your kitchen is smaller and also has less storage, so you may need to get creative with how and where you keep your belongings.

3. Everyone can see everything

In a studio apartment, once someone walks through your front door, they can see everything — your kitchen, bed, closet and whatever else you own. If your bed isn’t made and you have clothes all over the floor, there’s no hiding it from guests.

On one hand, it forces you to keep your apartment neat and tidy. But on the other hand, it’s not ideal that others can see all of your stuff.

Is a studio apartment right for you?

Make sure that you weigh the pros and cons before choosing a studio apartment. While it may not be quite as spacious, you can still live comfortably in a studio apartment.

Although you may be giving up some of your usual comforts, studio apartments are usually more affordable, so you can save money on your monthly rent.

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