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3 Things to Know About Subleases

Subleases are a little-known part of renting where the primary tenant leases their unit to another tenant underneath the existing lease agreement. Primary lease agreements are between the property owner and a tenant while subleases are between two tenants. There are pros and cons of subleasing, and it’s important that you’re well-researched if you’re considering it.

1. Sublease regulations can vary

There is no one, singular set of regulations pertaining to subleasing. In general, it’s legal, though state laws do have some other regulations that vary. However, property owners can prohibit subleasing their properties at their discretion. If the owner of your property has prohibited it, it will most likely be outlined in your lease agreement. Even if it’s not, it’s usually a good idea to run the plan by your landlord before executing subleases.

2. Subleases can earn you extra income

One of the main reasons people sublease their apartments is to earn extra income. Whether you offer a short-term sublease while you’re on an extended trip away or sublease your extra room, there’s potential for extra income. This extra income can go towards secondary housing for yourself, which makes subleasing a good deal for many.

3. If you want to leave your rental early, a sublease is a good option

Another one of the primary reasons that people choose to sublease is to avoid early-termination fees for their leases. Most apartments charge exorbitant fees for anyone who leaves before the lease term is complete. Subleasing allows tenants to both move to a new unit and continue paying rent on their old unit. When early-termination penalty fees reach the thousands, this benefit cannot be overstated.

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There’s a lot to take into account when subleasing

Subleasing is complex. You should never sublet your apartment without being 100 percent certain of what you’re doing. Check your local laws, your lease and talk to your landlord. Those are all great sources of information.

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