Hoping to live in a world-class American city? If you want to live without a roommate, get ready to shell out the big bucks and divest of your extra belongings. The current average size of a studio apartment is only 550 sq. ft. (for context, a “tiny house” generally means 500 sq. ft or less). Let’s take a look at the average monthly rent for a studio apartment in the 5 of the most expensive cities in the country:

San Francisco Rent
San Francisco, CA: $3,052/mo
Monthly cost per square foot: $5.50*

Boston Apartment rent
Boston, MA: $2,271/mo
Monthly cost per square foot: $4.12*

Los Angeles Rent
Los Angeles, CA: $2,153/mo
Monthly cost per square foot: $3.90*

NYC Rent
New York, NY: $1,893/mo
Monthly cost per square foot: $3.44*

Chicago rent
Chicago, IL: $1,350/mo
Monthly cost per square foot: $2.45*

*Costs per square foot are calculated using the average size of 550 sq. ft.

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