5 Great Grilled Veggies

Summer is here – it’s time to fire up the grill! Aside from the usual burgers, hot dogs, or chicken, consider grilling fresh veggies when you cook out. Grilled vegetables are easy to prepare, and are also delicious and healthy.


Yes, an eggplant can be grilled, and it tastes amazing with just about any meat option.

Prepare your eggplant by cutting it into slices or into a spear (similar to the size of a pickle spear). Marinade the pieces of eggplant with a mixture of olive oil, crushed garlic, chopped fresh basil, and balsamic vinegar. Once marinated to your liking, place the pieces on the grill for about 10 minutes – turning occasionally and adding more marinade as you wish.


When your tomato plant is producing more tomatoes that you know what to do with, this is definitely an easy way to enjoy tomatoes.

Simply cut your tomatoes into halves and drizzle with olive oil. Place the tomatoes (cut side down) on the grill for 3-4 minutes. Flip the tomatoes and cook for another 3-4 minutes. Add to your sandwiches, eat one on the side, or add a piece of mozzarella cheese on top!


Corn on the cob is one of the simplest vegetables to cook on the grill. You can grill it with husks on, or without the husks. To grill with the husks on, open the husks enough to remove the silk, then pull the husks back up and soak your corn in saltwater for half an hour. Then wrap your corn in heavy-duty foil, and grill it. As you grill your corn, it will carmelize.

To grill it without husks, remove the husks and silk as best as you can. Don’t worry about a few silks being left behind, they’ll most likely burn off quickly. Don’t use any oil or butter on the corn just yet. Place the corn on the grill, making sure that the fire is still very hot. Turn the corn occasionally, checking to make sure the corn is cooked through and slightly charring as you go. After about 10 minutes, the corn should be ready. After you pull it off, season the corn and enjoy immediately.


Zucchini is abundant in summer. Learn how to grill it and you’ll find you might really love it.

Take your zucchini and cut off both ends. Cut the zucchini into spears and lay them out flat with the flesh side up. Drizzle the spears with olive oil and the juice from half of a fresh lemon. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. Grill the zucchini on all sides, making sure not to burn the spears. Turn them as you go to grill all sides, taking about 10-15 minutes to complete. Fresh dill always complements zucchini beautifully.


Forget french fries or baked potatoes: try making your own grilled potatoes. You can use russet potatoes, fingerling potatoes, red potatoes – any kind of potatoes works on the grill. They usually take a little longer to prepare, but it’s worth it.

First, let the fire on your grill die down a bit so that it’s smoking heavily, instead of shwoing active flames. Lightly coat your potatoes with olive oil then sprinkle with salt and pepper. Place the potatoes directly on the grill and close the grill. Leave them on the grill for about 40-45 minutes to get that delicious smoked flavor. Remove the potatoes and season how you wish: butter, sour cream, hot sauce, etc. The time it takes is so worth it.

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Grilled veggies are super tasty and so easy to prepare. Next time you plan to cook out, don’t forget that you can throw some seasonal produce on the grill too!

What are some of your favorite veggies to grill? Do you have a favorite seasoning?


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