Valentine’s Day is upon us and if you’ve got someone coming over, you may be panicked about creating a romantic vibe in your apartment. Stop worrying! Here are 5 quick and easy tips for setting the mood.  Best of all, you won’t have to spend a fortune.

Flower Petals

Buy some roses at the grocery (or even less-than-perfect stems from your neighbohood florist) and tear off the petals a half hour before your guest is due to arrive.  Sprinkle them outside your door and create a path of petals to whatever part of your apartment you want the focus on:  a table set for two, a sofa in front of the fireplace, or the bedroom.

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Low Lighting

Light bulbs that save money on the power bill may be a good buy, but they are the quickest way to ruin a romantic setting. If you don’t have dimmers in your apartment, buy a couple of incandescent light bulbs for your lamps, or light candles throughout your home or apartment.

Soft, Instrumental Music

Music goes a long way toward relaxing people, but it needs to be the kind of music. Smooth jazz is a good bet. There aren’t any lyrics, and it’s nearly impossible to stay uptight when it’s playing. Classical could also work, but can become frenetic. Avoid using the TV’s music station if you have to have something on the screen. Which leads us to . . .

Turn off the TV

There’s nothing more distracting and less romantic than a TV flashing light and advertising at you and your guest. With the sound on, it’s a real buzzkill.  The exception would be if you can rent or stream an old romance in black and white, and have it on with the sound turned off. But generally, we advise against having the TV on.

Pay attention to smells

This means both good and bad!  Lighting a scented candle is always a great idea . . . but doesn’t work so well if your garbage is stinky.  Homemade food is another wonderful smell.  Aromatic products in the bathroom are also a nice touch.

Have a romantic evening this Valentine’s Day!  

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