9 Tips For Moving With Young Children

Taking young children on a car ride to a restaurant can be a challenge, so you can bet that moving with children isn’t easy! Here are some moving tips for a kid-friendly transition to a new home:

1. Apartment Hunting Together

Taking your children apartment hunting with you isn’t always doable, but you should still involve them in the process. Change can be tough on kids and feeling like a part of the decision can make the transition a little easier.

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2. Help Kids Get Excited

If your kids love your old apartment, they may be bummed that you are moving. Help get them excited by telling them about the perks of your new space. For example, there may be a park or an ice cream shop close by. Focus on the best features of your new home.

3. Throw a First-Night Party

Plan a first-night party before you move. Pack a bag with toys, games and snacks for you and your kids to enjoy your first evening in your new apartment. Be sure you have easy access to your portable DVD player and your kids’ favorite films so they can watch them if they wish.

4. Create a Memory Book

Moving can be a milestone in your young one’s life. Create a memory book to celebrate the end of your life in the old apartment. Gather pictures and other materials that remind you of the apartment. Then put everything in a scrapbook to take to your new place.

5. Give Your Kids Jobs

Assign your kids tasks to complete in preparation for the move. For example, you can give them boxes to pack their toys, clothes and other belongings. Additionally, let them decorate each box so they know which ones belong to them.

6. Pack at Night

If you think you can get more packing done without your kids, do so at night. Each evening, wait until your kids are asleep and pack the majority of your boxes. This way you won’t be interrupted.

7. Hire a Babysitter

Some people like to hire a babysitter during the actual moving process. Have them plan a day of fun for your little ones so they will be occupied while you move into your new place.

8. Make New Connections

If you are moving into an entirely new neighborhood or city, start making new connections right away. Have your kids join a program at the park or a play group. Or, if you know your neighbors have children, introduce the young ones to one another so they have new friends.

9. Unpack the Kids’ Bedrooms First

In a way, a child’s bedroom is their safe haven. While they are away at school one day, unpack the entire room and paint the walls, if necessary. This way they will feel just as at home in the new place as the old.

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