It’s so important to feel safe in your apartment – after all, it’s your home. But security in an apartment brings a unique set of challenges that homeowners might not have.

So, we’ve come up with a few solutions to add security to your apartment to keep you and your family safe and sound.

Do your research from the beginning

Obviously, the best way to feel safe in your apartment is to rent an apartment that is safe. When looking for your next apartment, do some digging before you sign a lease.

Visit an apartment complex throughout the day and even at night. Ask existing residents about crime and talk with the landlord to help you determine the level of apartment security.

And if you’re already living in an apartment, don’t worry. We also have tips for you to beef up the safety of your home.

Add locks

One straightforward way to increase your apartment security is to add more locks to your front door. You probably have some combination of locks already – most likely a deadbolt and locking door knob.

If you’re looking for more advanced security in your apartment, you should consider adding new locks and upgrading your existing. Add a swing lock, use a portable lock or upgrade your existing deadbolt to a smart lock.

Just remember, if you change your lock, you will need to get approval from your landlord first.

Store away your important belongings

When you’re out in your car, you’ve probably thought to hide your valuables to deter theft, but you probably haven’t thought about doing the same in your home.

It’s a good idea to keep portable electronics and loose money out of plain sight, especially if you live in a first-floor apartment. Installing blinds helps in this effort, as well.

You can add a further layer of protection for your most essential belongings by getting a safe. There are plenty of freestanding safes on the market, but talk with your landlord about bolting the safe to the wall or floor so that thieves can’t get away with it. That way, at least if you are burglarized, your most essential items will likely remain safe and in your home.

Install a security system

Security systems are rarely associated with renters, but there’s really no reason they shouldn’t be. Apartment renters are just as much at risk for burglary as homeowners are.

While you’ll most likely be prohibited from installing a wired security system, there are plenty of wireless systems on the market today that can be installed easily in an apartment. Plus, you can take it with you when you move out!

Get renter’s insurance

Renter’s insurance protects your finances more than your safety, but it’s important to note regardless. Renter’s insurance doesn’t cover all types of loss, but most policies will at least cover loss of belongings due to theft.

Renter’s insurance may even protect a portion of the losses you incur because of theft outside of your apartment – say your bike was stolen from a public rack or some expensive jewelry was stolen from a hotel during a business trip.

Don’t write your apartment number on your key

This is a small step that could ultimately make a huge difference in your safety. If you’ve ever lost a key, you’ve probably thought to yourself, “There are millions of keys out there. How would anyone possibly know which apartment this key is to.”

The easiest way? Writing your apartment number on the key. This common practice can actually make it pretty easy for burglars to break in if you lose your key. If you absolutely must write your apartment or unit number down somewhere, consider saving it in your smartphone.

Secure sliding doors

Perhaps one of the easiest ways for apartments to be broken into is through a sliding door. They’re very common and even when locked, are very easy to break.

Place a bar in the track of the door to stop the door from opening from the outside. You can either purchase a consumer tool to do this or use a sawed-off broomstick, which will likely work just as well.

You can also buy an extra lock that goes on the top of the door, adding another layer of protection. Not only will it keep burglars out, but it can help keep your kids in, too!

Photo by John Moeses Bauan on Unsplash