Nobody wants to admit it: eventually you have to grow up and start acting like an adult. The thought of “adulting” can easily send shocks of terror down the spine of any fun-loving millennial. However, like most things in this world, there’s an app for that! If you’re wondering how to adult, we’ve gathered up the top apps you need to help take the hassle out of the process.

Adulting Mission: Developing a Budget

We agree — there are few things more boring than developing a budget and sticking to it. However, becoming an adult means shunning the First Bank of Mom and Dad or over-reliance on credit cards.

One of the most recommended apps for getting your budget on track comes from the fine folks at Mint. This app connects to your bank account and helps identify tips customized to your spending that can help you reduce the money you spend on fees, remind you of bill payment due dates, keep track of your credit score and gives you a big picture view of your personal finances.

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Adulting Mission: Staying Healthy

The older you get, the less appealing ramen noodles become. Getting on the right track with your health may seem a bit confusing at first, but there are plenty of apps that can track your time at the gym, evaluate what you’re eating and even help you make healthy choices.

Fooducate can help you make good choices and evaluate what you eat on a daily basis (bonus: you can simply scan a barcode!), and there’s a whole host of apps that can coordinate with your Fitbit to help keep you moving.

Adulting Mission: Saving Money

Those shoes were too cute to not charge, and maybe you’ll just slap another vacation on one of your credit cards. Wrong! Saving up for the future is a smart idea, and one of the easiest ways you can do it is with apps that help you invest your money so it grows.

For as little as a couple of bucks a week, you can start putting money away with apps such as Acorns or Stash Invest. You can start building up a portfolio of stocks and learning how to invest your money. Better yet — both give you a bonus just to sign up and try them.

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Adulting Mission: Climbing the Career Ladder

You may already have a job, but keeping an eye out for your next career move, or that dream job you’ve always wanted, is never a bad idea. According to The Balance, there are a handful of job apps that can not only help you search, but can also give you one-touch application help and even narrow down your hunt to specific areas and salaries.

The Balance says the best bet is the app, “the best app of the massive desktop job boards. Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster, and LinkedIn all offer similar features and content, so if you’re going to pick one, pick the most comprehensive.”

What’s your toughest adulting mission? Does the thought of learning how to adult fill you with dread? We want to hear from you! Get social with us and sound off!

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