Finding a cheap apartment near a good school in Washington D.C. may not be an easy task. As with most large cities, the schools located within the jurisdiction of the actual city itself are not rated as highly as the cities in outlying suburbs.

According to research by Apartment Guide, the most affordable apartments that are near good schools are all outside of the metropolitan sector of D.C. in places like Virginia and Maryland.

The report compares data provided by GreatSchools with the extensive database of nationwide rental property information maintained by Apartment Guide to determine specific properties that are both affordable and well-rated for elementary, middle and high schools.

Elementary Schools

There are three areas near Washington D.C. that offer affordable rent prices and high-quality elementary schools: Fairfax, VA; Silver Spring, MD and Chevy Chase, MD. Each town is able to boast a GreatSchools average elementary school rating of nine.

Within these three communities, Pinewood Plaza, Paddington Square and the Fields of Bethesda are apartment complexes that have average rent prices of under $1,500 monthly for a two-bedroom unit.

Middle Schools

A duo of apartments from the previous section are also listed as cheap apartments near the best schools in Washington D.C. – plus one other property.

Paddington Square and The Fields of Bethesda are two prime complexes for both affordability and a quality middle school education. Additionally, Eaton Square in Hyattsville, MD offers some impressive stats for families looking for affordable apartments near a good middle school. This complex has an impressive average monthly rental rate of just $1,125.

High Schools

Highly-rated high schools are a bit more sparse in the Washington D.C. area than elementary and middle schools. There are a few towns that stand out in terms of affordability and good high schools: North Bethesda, MD; Rockville, MD and Fairfax, VA.

Pinewood Plaza of Fairfax also makes the list for affordability within range of a good high school just like it did for elementary schools. The average high school rating in this portion of Fairfax is nine out of 10.

Village Square West and The Fields of Rockville are two other apartment complexes that offer affordability with access to a quality high school education. They have average monthly rental rates of $1,458 and $1,322 respectively.


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