Rest easy in the figurative arms of Kris Kringle and read on for five inexpensive, last-minute Christmas gifts that people actually want.

For the java junkie

man drinking espresso

It’s difficult for real coffee lovers – the picky ones for whom a quick stop at 7-Eleven simply won’t do – to get a quality cup of Joe on the go. No more with a French press travel mug.

There are many cool styles available to choose from at shops such as Bed, Bath & Beyond. Target has a great option for less than $21.

For the music lover

man listening to music

…or binge-watching transit commuter, frequent flyer, gym rat, teenager – you name it. You can never have enough ear buds, because they’re always getting tangled, twisted or lost, so consider buying a multi-pack!

Walmart has fun packs that even come in a cute macaron-style case.

For oenophiles

girl drinking wine

Especially those wine lovers who live alone and might not kill a bottle, fun wine stoppers can showcase not only that bottle left on the counter or in the fridge, but other predilections, as well.

You can find them in themes from pop-culture like “Star Wars” or Marvel and DC Comics, or beautiful, elegant, decorative crystals or something kitschy – rubber duckies or ’50s-era RVs. Wine stoppers make lovely gifts, in singular, stocking-stuffer formats or boxed collections. You can pair them with fun drink coasters, as well!

Looking to spend a little more? For your friends who always chew up, or worse, break the cork, high-tech bottle openers like the Rabbit Original Lever Corkscrew Wine Opener retails for $25 to $60 and makes for super easy opening.

(Insert-awesome-gift-here)-of-the-month clubs

fun socks

Flowers? Check. Wine? Check. Beer? Check.

Monthly gift subscriptions can be ordered online in minutes. Print the confirmation and stick it in a card (or let the company send the recipient an email!) and you’ve got an ideal and generous last-minute gift that keeps giving all year long!

And you can get them for just about any hobbyist or collector. Socks to cigars. Gourmet salts to spices to superfoods to snacks. The options are virtually limitless.

Here’s one for the bacon lover in your life (cardiologist sold separately).

Holiday pampering

stone massage

Everyone appreciates a spa day! From mani-pedis to hot-stone massages, facials to reflexology, a professional make-up application or an expert, old-fashioned hot shave, there are a ton of options from which to choose.

Find a posh or convenient location in your area and get that gift certificate into a pretty card to stick in a stocking, under the tree or into the holiday grab bag at work. Dress it up if you have time and attach something relevant, like a small bottle of nail polish or high-end scented massage oil to make an extra-special presentation.

At a loss for where to go? SpaFinder gift cards are usable at multiple locations around the nation.

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