How to Make Aging Pets Comfortable

If you’re lucky enough to have a furry friend and live in a pet-friendly apartment, you know how special pets truly are. They provide a certain companionship and warmth that is so meaningful. Therefore, it’s important that they feel comfortable in your apartment, especially if you have aging pets. Even the smallest of changes can make a world of difference in your companion’s life. Here are a few things to make your pet as happy and relaxed as possible:

For Your Old Cat

Add More Bathrooms: If there is only one litter box in your entire apartment, it can be taxing for your cat to not only get to it, but remember where it is. It’s best to put extra litter boxes in the space to help a forgetful kitty remember where the toilet is.

Make the Meal Appetizing: Adding just a bit of hot water to canned cat food will help enhance the aroma and make it more appealing to a cat with a diminishing sense of smell.

Eliminate Access to Stairs: Elderly cats may have problems with arthritic joints or loss of vision, making it difficult to travel up and down the stairs. Make your apartment safe for your furry friend by eliminating access to the stairs with a gate.

Use Ramps: If your cat sleeps with you in your bed or has a special feline tower it rests on, add ramps or very low stairs to help it get to its favorite sleeping spot.

Avoid Major Changes: Sometimes major changes to your household can be stressful for an elderly cat. Try to keep its surroundings as familiar as possible.

For Your Old Dog

An Elevated Bowl: For bigger dogs with arthritis problems, leaning down to get something to drink can put strain on their joints. By using an elevated dog bowl, they can quench their thirst without putting unnecessary stress on their back and neck. Always make sure your dog has plenty of drinking water available–older canines can become easily dehydrated.

Rugs on Hardwood: Some older dogs have trouble walking on hardwood floors and tend to slip. Avoid any potential injuries by covering those floors with area rugs. This will not only ensure that your pet is more comfortable, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your dog is safe while you’re away.

A Comfortable Dog Bed: Older dogs may need additional support for their joints and a cozy dog bed can help provide comfort. You can even make your own and save yourself lots of money. All you need is a regular dog bed and an egg crate mattress. Cut the mattress padding and fold it to size to fit in the dog bed. When the weather gets cold, heating pads can be used on its bed to warm old bones.

Utilize Gates: If your canine has trouble getting up and down the stairs, you might want to close off those areas with a gate to eliminate any potential danger.

A Ramp: If your dog is allowed to sleep on the couch or the bed, ramps ensure that it can get up to where it wants without harming itself.

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