Apartment Decorating With Mirrors

Decorating with mirrors is a great aesthetic choice for your apartment. Mirrors bounce light around to make your room appear not only brighter, but larger as well (which is perfect for small spaces).

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You can use mirrors in creative ways to add both light and visual appeal to your apartment. Here are a few super fun ideas for adding mirrors to your small space:

Gallery Mirror Wall

Gallery walls are a huge apartment decorating trend right now. The look features multiple framed pictures and paintings of various sizes arranged on a wall in a decorative way. Of course, gallery walls don’t have to be reserved for art, you can make one using mirrors!

Go to a thrift store and find as many mirrors as possible. They can be framed or unframed, circles or squares, modern or rustic, it doesn’t matter. The way you hang them will be a work of art.

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You may also want to buy empty frames and pictures to pair with the mirrors. They’ll help break up the look a little bit. Assemble your gallery mirror creation on a wall with lots of space.

Medicine or Perfume Tray

Have you ever seen a person place all their perfume bottles on a mirror? It’s a traditional approach to displaying the cosmetics and you can use it as inspiration. Find a tray that features a mirror at the bottom and place it on an end or coffee table. Next, set items on top of the mirror, such as perfume bottles, candles, clocks or flower vases.

Table Runner or Centerpiece

Spruce up your dining area by using a long rectangular mirror as a table runner or a smaller mirror as the base of your centerpiece. This look works best if your table is dressed in linen, as fabric helps to highlight the mirror. Place items on top of the mirror to further decorate your dining table–flowers and candles are always a good choice.

Standing Mirror

Create a statement with your apartment decor by getting a full-length mirror (preferably one with an interesting shape or one that’s framed). Lean it against a wall to create a focal point in your apartment.

Decorating with mirrors helps your room look larger than it is, and using a huge mirror can increase the illusion. Big mirrors reflect much of the space, making the mirror look more like a doorway than art. You can lean the mirror near you dresser to check out your outfit while getting dressed, or against an empty wall. You can also place it in a corner to reflect more of you room.

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