The environment in which you sleep plays a huge role in your ability to have a quality night’s rest. When you’re looking to rent an apartment, consider these factors that can affect your sleep to ensure you’re setting yourself up for solid sleep in your new apartment.

Pick a quiet location

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When it comes to choosing a location for your new apartment, look for something that’s away from outside noise. While busy streets and train tracks can be obvious locations to avoid, there are other not so obvious factors you need to consider:

  • Avoid an apartment close to a public transportation stop like a bus stop or subway station as this will be a trafficked area at night.
  • Select a location that doesn’t face your apartment building parking lot where people will be coming in and out, shutting car doors and maybe even honking their horn.
  • Steer clear of outside maintenance areas including dumpsters, recycling bins and maintenance sheds where slamming doors is unavoidable.
  • Avoid units that are close to high traffic areas like elevators.

If you find yourself living in a noisier area of your complex, you can still opt for other solutions to help you have a better night’s sleep like investing in a pair of ear plugs, using a white noise machine or soundproofing your apartment.

Consider the type of flooring in the unit

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Another factor you may not consider when looking at apartments is how noise from your upstairs neighbors will travel. If the apartment floors are carpeted, the sound from your neighbors upstairs will be buffered, but if there are hard surface floors, the sound will travel.

Hearing a neighbor walking in high heels or doing an exercise video with jumping can be both incredibly irritating and disruptive to sleep. If you find yourself scouting an apartment with hard surface floors, check to see if you can rent a top floor location to avoid sound traveling from above. Your future self will thank you.

Be conscious of external lighting

bright lights from city

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Lighting is another important factor to consider for a good night’s sleep in your apartment. Darkness is essential to sleep. When you sleep in a dark room, it sends a signal to your body that it’s time to rest. Exposing yourself to light during your sleep time can throw off your body’s internal sleep clock that helps regulate your sleep-wake cycles.

Pick an apartment location that’s away from bright street lights, parking lots that are packed full of headlights on cars, or facing out to a street where oncoming traffic will flash light in your room at night.

To block any unavoidable external light, it’s worthwhile to hang a pair of blackout curtains in your bedroom. This will help create a dark oasis to set you up for a better night’s sleep.

There really is no substitute for a good night’s sleep. Considering the location will help you get your seven to eight hours in each night. When you’re out hunting for your new dream apartment, remember these factors to help you find an apartment that will enable you to get some quality zzz’s.

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