10 Incredible Apartment Pools in Las Vegas

Figuring out where to live in Las Vegas means doing a lot of searching, but no matter what neighborhood you decide suits you best, you need a way to stay cool when temperatures start to rise. You need an apartment pool.

Luckily, most Las Vegas apartments know this, but not just any pool will do. You need one that gives off those luxury vibes, enhances that spa-like feel and makes a home feel like a place where you can relax.

So, as you start your search, be a little particular about the community pool. You don't have to settle. To make it easier to narrow things down, check out these amazing apartment pools in Las Vegas.

The Layne at Peccole Ranch

Source: Rent. / The Layne at Peccole Ranch

It's not one, but two pools that make The Layne at Peccole Ranch special. With a lap pool available when you want to work out and a larger lounging pool for some chill time, you've got it all. Additionally, there are two spas and a hammock park for even more relaxation.

Situated within Peccole Ranch, this is a great neighborhood for living that laidback lifestyle. The neighborhood features plenty of parks and walking paths interspersed throughout the nicely landscaped space.

Auric Symphony Park

Source: Rent. / Auric Symphony Park

Double-decker cabanas. That's what makes the poolside at Auric Symphony Park totally unique. With lounging beds at the bottom level and couches up top, you can take your pick of what your private space will be like beside this serene saltwater pool. Extra lounger beds are actually in the water and ample beach loungers on the deck, some with umbrellas, make it easy to find a spot.

Alongside the pool, you'll find a very cool wraparound bar/outdoor kitchen. Under a blue, industrial cover, there's also a 13-foot flat screen. This is just one of two outdoor pool bars you can belly up to when you live in this Symphony Park community.

The Presley at Whitney Ranch

Source: Rent. / The Presley at Whitney Ranch

A curvy pool graces the center of The Presley at Whitney Ranch. Go for a cooling soak or grab some sun, there's plenty of room for both. Within this pool deck you'll also find cabanas, umbrella-covered tables and a couch or two for socializing with friends. Nestled right beside the pool, under a real roof with ceiling fans, you'll find an array of bar-height tables, two televisions, a water fountain and more.

Located in Whitney Ranch, you can easily keep the outdoorsy vibes from the pool going with a visit to the Whitney Mesa Nature Preserve. While it's not about lounging around poolside in this spot, you will get access to dessert trails and amazing city and mountain views.


Source: Rent. / Ariva

Luxury is an understatement when it comes to at least two of the massive pools at Ariva. There are actually four pools and two spas in this amenity-filled community. This particular space, the lounge pool terrace, includes a spa with sunken pool pods for smaller groups to congregate. You'll also find pool terrace hammocks, comfy lounge pods and covered beach loungers. Seasonal pool towel service really ups the luxury game. Whether you're on the Soleil Pool Terrace, swimming in the heated lap pool or chilling at the Aqua Pool Terrace and Spa, you'll definitely find it easy to relax when you live here.

Ariva is in the South Las Vegas corridor, which gives you the best of both worlds. Living here keeps you close to all things Las Vegas while providing you with a quieter place to go home to.

South Beach Apartments

Source: Rent. / South Beach Apartments

Thin sprays of water crisscross along the rounded saltwater pool at South Beach Apartments. Wade in and stop on the Baja Shelf to catch some rays or keep going and sink all the way in. Manicured palm trees surround the pool area offering up a tropical feel, and poolside cabanas give you extra privacy. It's like having a little bit of Florida right here in Las Vegas.

Sitting just six miles from the infamous Las Vegas Strip, this Rhodes Ranch community is also close to a golf course. Living here puts you at the base of Spring Mountain, so the views are pretty nice too.

The Lennox

Source: Rent. / The Lennox

Who says you can't have it all and still be near the pool? At The Lennox, a smart design gives you an outdoor spin studio, ping pong table, a lounge space, cabanas and more all around the pool and hot tub. Placed in the center of the community, you can relax in one of the in-pool loungers on the shelf, or swim or float in the large pool. Cool pod-like chairs mix with traditional beach loungers, and the cabanas are full of plush couches. There's even a lounge bed or two.

On the southeast side of town, this Silverado Ranch community is close to some excellent shopping. The area also includes one of the city's newest parks, Silverado Ranch Park. It has all the usual stuff, picnic tables and a playground, but also has its own amphitheater for special events.

Green Leaf Lotus

Source: Rent. / Green Leaf Lotus

There's no doubt home will be a colorful place if you live in Green Leaf Loftus. This apartment community is covered in vivid yellows, reds and greens. Poolside is no exception, with cabanas tops and umbrellas that pop and bright red chairs along the bar in the outdoor kitchen area. The cool blue of the pool is the most muted thing in the entire space.

Going all out for its outdoor amenities, the cabanas at Green Leaf Loftus are special. They not only have a ceiling fan to churn up cool air but also have their own small fridge and food prep space. Off to the side of the pool, you'll also find an extra-long couch beside an extra-long, rectangular fire pit. This fantastic space is also just one of the two pools on site.


Source: Rent. / Estancia

A swirling hot tub is just the thing to accompany a massive pool like you'll find at Estancia. With a large boulder formation and waterfall adding some extra flair this is a great space for catching some sun and relaxing on a hot desert day.

With a single mountain as its major landmark, Lone Mountain, in the Lone Mountain neighborhood, was once a part of the Red Rock National Conservation Area. Having detached from its buddies at some point, you can make the 2.2-mile up-and-down hike in less than 90 minutes.

Madison at Spring Valley

Source: Rent. / Madison at Spring Valley

If you love the pool but struggle with the sun, Madison at Spring Valley has the right setup for you. Tall palm trees provide some shade, but the large number of big beach umbrellas do the rest. They cover a few of the loungers in addition to the four-top tables surrounding the pool.

A quieter and older community, living here in Bella Vita keeps you close to the bustle of Las Vegas without having to bring it home with you. This area attracts a lot of families and people who are looking for a calmer neighborhood.

Montecito Pointe Apartments

Source: Rent. / Montecito Pointe Apartments

Two spacious cabanas and a curved row of beach chairs top off the poolside area at Montecito Pointe Apartments. They surround the hot tub, and then the large pool spreads out right in front. In total, there is quite a large sun deck to take advantage of.

Another quiet complex in a neighborhood just the right distance away from the city itself, this Centennial Hills community sits in the northwest corner of Las Vegas. Living here gives you the complete package, with great on-site amenities and plenty of neighborhood parks, shops and places to hang out.

Chill out in one of the most incredible apartment pools in Las Vegas

You make think what you really want in a Las Vegas apartment community is an excellent fitness center or a chic lounge, but in Sin City, what you need is somewhere to stay cool. Don't settle for a pool that's anything less than amazing. You'll thank us for it later.

Featured Image Source: Rent. / Ariva

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