Did you know that the price of an apartment can fluctuate daily, due to supply and demand? The affordable apartment you liked yesterday may not be so affordable today. You may be asking ‘how can the price be so different today than yesterday?’ There are many factors at play in apartment pricing; here are some of the biggest.

The time of year

If you’re looking for an apartment in the winter, your price will likely be much lower than in the summer. Demand for an apartment in the winter is much lower, so the price will be as well. Keep in mind though, supply is also lower. You might not have nearly as many options. However, the ones you do have will probably be considerably lower priced.

Hot Tip: If you’re signing a lease in summer, consider an 18 month lease, so your renewal rolls around in the winter. Who knows? This timing might positively impact a potential rent increase.

Strong growth market

A strong growth market is great for the local economy. However, increased housing demands mean increased rent prices at the drop of a hat. Don’t let this scare you away from living in a strong growth market. You simply need to be strategic, weigh your options, and avoid procrastinating. A long commute may be more expensive than the increased rent.

Dynamic Pricing Software

If you’ve ever bought an airline ticket or rented a car, you have experienced dynamic pricing software. It’s basically an algorithm that determines the optimal price for a specific date and time. Airlines have been doing this for many years. But does it really work for rental properties? The answer is yes, about 20% of all apartment complexes use this software.

The time of month

Apartment availability is posted at the beginning of the month. This is when the most options will be available to you. According to kwelia.com, that is also the least expensive time to rent, and the end of the month is the most expensive. However, don’t entirely discount the end of the month. Every day a unit sits empty, the owner loses money. Keep your eye out for end-of-month rent specials.

The day of the week

If you want to rent from the hottest complex in town, be strategic about the day you apply. If you want the best deal, apply for your apartment on Monday or Friday. If you apply on Tuesday or Sunday you will typically pay more.

When can I get the best deal?

According to the statistics, you want to apply for a unit after you ring in the new year. Enjoy your Christmas vacation though: the end of December is the most expensive time to rent according to kwelia. If you can put down your application on the first Monday in January, you’re in business. The winter months are a time undesirable for moving. The beginning of the month is when rates are lowest. It’s also one of the cheapest days.