Best Apartment Rooftops in Atlanta

Known as one of the main cultural hubs of the south, Atlanta is a city that truly has it all. That sentiment rings true when it comes to apartment amenities. From professional-quality gyms to serene on-site spas and more, there's no shortage of top-tier amenities in Atlanta apartments.

If a rooftop deck is on your list of must-haves, you're in luck. Atlanta is loaded with apartments that boast beautiful, serene and calming rooftops equipped with everything from jacuzzis and pools to firepits and grills and more. Find your favorite communal rooftop below and fill out that application for your dream apartment today.

Crest at Midtown

Rooftop jacuzzi, tennis court and lounge at Crest at Midtown

Source: Rent. / Crest at Midtown

Boasting a large jacuzzi and tons of lounge chairs, Crest at Midtown undoubtedly has one of the best-equipped rooftops you'll ever find. Peppered with meticulously manicured green spaces and large enough to accommodate the demands that come with 322 units worth of residents, good luck finding a more spacious and serene outdoor apartment space in SoNo.

The Crest at Midtown rooftop also boasts a full-sized tennis court and bocce area right next to the expansive rooftop deck. Thes two truly unique features make Crest at Midtown one of the most sought-after apartment communities for active people looking to enjoy life outside under the Georgia sun.

Gables Midtown

Plush seating on the roof at Gables Midtown

Source: Rent. / Gables Midtown

Located in Piedmont Heights, the rooftop lounge at Gables Midtown benefits from multiple different types of comfortable seating areas. With couches for conversations with friends, lounges for soaking up the sun and a bar area with a view for whatever else you need, this intelligent design has something for everyone.

Sitting just off the stunning rooftop lounge is a five-star fitness center that offers unobstructed views of Midtown. Whether you're looking to work up a sweat in the comfort of the A/C or hoping to maintain your tan on a lounge chair in the sun, Gables Midtown has what you need to enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of home.

The M by Radius

Stunning views of the Atlanta skyline from the rooftop at The M by Radius

Source: Rent. / The M by Radius

The M by Radius provides three unique rooftop amenities. The first is the grilling station with an unbeatable view. This area is surrounded by tables and chairs as well as multiple lounge areas. The M by Radius also boasts a rooftop gym. There's no better way to motivate yourself to another half mile on the treadmill than by staring out at the stunning Atlanta skyline.

The third rooftop amenity on offer at this 326-unit Midtown community is the large rectangular swimming pool. Perfect for Sunday morning laps or an aimless float on a Friday afternoon, the pool at The M by Radius is the ideal place to be when the summer heat hits Atlanta.

Broadstone Pullman

The Broadstone Pullman rooftop lounge under string lighting at night

Source: Rent. / Broadstone Pullman

The rooftop lounge at Broadstone Pullman is beautifully designed, to say the least. With a couch and flatscreen TV area, a large 10-person dining table and open-air windows cut out of a brick wall that provide great views of the greenery all around, this communal space under string lights is a great place to be on a beautiful night in Atlanta.

Located in the undeniably charming and history-filled Kirkwood neighborhood, the rooftop at this 354-unit community may only be three floors up but it feels miles away from the street below and the stresses of everyday life.

Skyhouse South

Custom blue couch on the roof at Skyhouse South

Source: Rent. / Skyhouse South

Located in the heart of Midtown, the rooftop lounge at Skyhouse South is second to none. Soaring high above many of the other buildings in the area, the residents of this 320-unit complex enjoy unobstructed views of the city surrounding them within just steps of their front doors.

This rooftop boasts a large couch in front of a beautiful fireplace, a grilling station overlooking the city, picnic tables under umbrellas and an artificial turf lawn area that's perfect for an afternoon tanning session or cracking open a new book.

Gibson by Radius

Turf lawn with designer seating on the roof at Gibson by Radius

Source: Rent. / Gibson by Radius

The communal rooftop at Gibson by Radius boasts more than one stellar amenity within its gates. Starting with the unique hanging egg chairs just off the fire pit. This area is a great place to kick back and relax with a friend or two or reflect on life on your own at the end of a long week. With artificial turf underfoot and string lighting overhead, this area is undeniably relaxing day or night.

Next to the turf-top lounge area is a stunning custom-design pool. While this pool may not be the perfect shape for swimming laps it is the perfect arrangement to support multiple groups comfortably without feeling crowded. Beyond that, this Reynoldstown rooftop also houses a professional-grade grill station that is perfect for whipping up a culinary creation poolside. Apartment living doesn't get much better than that.

Solstice Morningside

Rooftop lounge at Solstice Morningside

Source: Rent. / Solstice Morningside

Solstice Morningside boasts an absolutely stellar rooftop lounge. With multiple different seating areas all surrounded by the lush greenery of Piedmont Heights, this is a great place to be on a beautiful day in Atlanta. Situated under string lights, the comfortable couches act as a great spot to catch up with old friends, meet new neighbors or simply reflect on life on your own while you watch the sunset.

In addition to leisure time and friendly conversation, the rooftop at Solstice Morningside is also a great place to share a meal with those closest to you. While it may not have an outdoor kitchen, it does have plenty of tables that are all surrounded by some of the most beautiful views in the area. Whether you're hosting an old friend who's in from out of town or trying to impress that special someone, this upscale amenity adds a new level of luxury to apartment life.


Rooftop terrace at Osprey

Source: Rent. / Osprey

The rooftop at Osprey boasts a stunning view of the Atlanta skyline. With tables and chairs peppered throughout and a large sectional couch situated in the back corner, this serene space is the perfect spot for groups of friends to hang out before hitting the town or a morning cup of coffee before a long week of work. This private perch is perfect for anyone who values a little time outdoors each day.

Located in Home Park, this 319-unit community is just a few blocks away from the Georgia Tech campus. When you live near a university of that size, you also benefit from being in close proximity to all of the restaurants, shopping and entertainment options around the campus. Living here puts you within walking distance of local hot spots like Painted Duck, Miller Union and more. Whether you're enjoying the view from the roof or taking advantage of the convenient location, life is good at Osprey.

Arts Center Tower

Fire pit at Arts Center Tower

Source: Rent. / Arts Center Tower

While not on the roof, the shared outdoor space at Arts Center Tower makes the list for two reasons: size and resources. The massive footprint of the outdoor lounge at Arts Center Tower is well-equipped with a large fire table encircled by comfortable seating. This area is surrounded by soaring green trees and acts as a calming oasis in the middle of the urban jungle.

Also a part of the shared outdoor space, Arts Center Tower boasts a beautiful pool. With a long rectangular design, the pool at this 119-unit Midtown community is perfect for swimming laps, floating freely or anything in between. From hot summer days to chilly fall nights, Arts Center Tower has everything residents need to enjoy the great outdoors in Atlanta.

North and Line

Elevated communal pool area at North and Line

Source: Rent. / North and Line

Not on the roof but still elevated off the ground level, the outdoor pool and communal lounge area at North and Line is large and loaded with the type of equipment and resources you need to live it up in Atlanta all year long.

From the sizeable pool lined with ledge loungers to the 10-foot-plus outdoor fireplace overlooking the sights of the city, this spot has it all. With more than enough room to comfortably support multiple groups of friends and individuals, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better place in Poncey-Highland to kick back and relax on a nice day in The A.

It's time to see Atlanta in a whole new light

Whether you're looking for an outdoor kitchen with a view, the perfect place to keep your tan in pristine condition or anything in between, having access to a private rooftop in Atlanta is one of those perks that only comes with apartment life.

Find your favorite place on the list above and fill out an application today. Your new outdoor oasis awaits.

Featured image source: Rent. / Crest at Midtown

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