Best Apartment Rooftops in Portland

No one moves to Portland to spend all their time inside. Yes, residents here do receive more rain than the national average. But it takes more than scattered showers to keep Portland locals out of the great outdoors. With so many passionate nature lovers moving to the city in droves, apartment complexes have taken note and, as a result, have created some pretty stunning communal rooftop areas so residents can enjoy the scenery of the Pacific Northwest from the comfort of their homes.

From gas grills with awe-inspiring views to fire pits that are perfect for happy hour with friends to comfortable couches sitting under outdoor heaters and more, the apartments featured on this list represent the best of the best when it comes to communal rooftops. Find your favorite and fill out an application today.

Elm Row

Rooftop grilling area at Elm Row

Source: Rent. / Elm Row

There may not be a better place in all of Oregon to work a grill than from the communal roof at Elm Row. This outdoor kitchen area is equipped with two professional-grade gas grills and more than enough counter space to support even the most elaborate prep work. Whether you're whipping up burgers for friends and creating culinary excellence for that special someone, you can do it all from the roof at Elm Row.

Located in the highly sought-after Goose Hollow area a few blocks off the Portland State University campus, this rooftop is so much more than just a state-of-the-art outdoor cooking setup. This elevated oasis also boasts a sundeck with designer lounge chairs, a large rectangular pool and several separate areas with plush furniture to lounge outside and breathe in some fresh air.

North Hollow

Rooftop deck and fireplace at North Hollow

Source: Rent. / North Hollow

Another Goose Hollow gem, the rooftop at North Hollow just might be the prettiest in all of Portland. With wood-paneled flooring underfoot, Edison lights overhead and unobstructed views of the beauty of Portland — both natural and human-made — all around, it's darn near impossible for stress to find you up here.

Boasting a rectangular fire pit, top-quality outdoor kitchen, large benches and plenty of tables, this versatile space is capable of comfortably accommodating multiple groups and is a truly calming area to retreat to when you need to escape the city and don't have time to hop behind the wheel.

The Rodney

Top-floor indoor lounge at The Rodney

Source: Rent. / The Rodney

The indoor rooftop lounge at The Rodney houses a professional-grade demonstration kitchen, cafe-style chairs and tables against the floor-to-ceiling windows and enough dining space to accommodate multiple groups at one time. This smart space is perfect for entertaining or enjoying a little quiet time on your own shielded from the Pacific Northwest elements.

Just outside the stunning rooftop-level indoor lounge, the Rodney also boasts a gorgeous terrace. This wrap-around style terrace encircles the indoor lounge and provides some of the best views of the Pearl area you'll ever find. This outdoor terrace offers plenty of seating with tables, a gas grill, a fire pit and plush lounge seating. Regardless of what the weather is doing in Portland, you always have a place with a view to retreat to when you live at The Rodney.

Yacht Harbor Club

Rooftop pool and spa at Yacht Harbor Club

Source: Rent. / Yacht Harbor Club

While it may not be perched up 20 floors above the city, the elevated communal space at Yacht Harbor Club provides the same caliber views as the high-rises downtown. Located on scenic Hayden Island, residents of this 375-unit community are able to enjoy unobstructed views of the Columbia River and the boats docked in the Hayden Bay Marina.

Boasting a sizable pool with a sun shelf and ledge loungers as well as a large hot tub and multiple tables with comfortable seating areas, this well-equipped space is one of the most serene spots to find yourself at the end of a long day.


Rooftop fire pit at Northpointe

Source: Rent. / Northpointe

Peppered with meticulously manicured plants and glowing from the light coming off the stone-filled circular fire pit, the communal rooftop at Northpointe is simply a comfortable and relaxing place to find yourself at the end of a tough day or the beginning of a long week.

Benefiting from the stellar scenery all around the Overlook area, the views from atop this 158-unit community are simply stunning. Beyond the roaring fire and the beautiful views, this rooftop hangout area also boasts a grill station, a large dining table and a designer outdoor ping-pong table. There truly is something for everyone up here.

The Strauss on Burnside

The Strauss on Burnside roof deck grilling station

Source: Rent. / The Strauss on Burnside

The Strauss on Burnside boasts one of the better-equipped rooftops in Portland. With a stellar grill space surrounded by tables providing ample room for prep and eating, this is a great spot to whip up some dogs on a Saturday afternoon or try something new for date night.

Beyond the professional-grade grill station, this elevated oasis also features large couches with plush cushions and unbelievable views of the cityscape and lush greenery that make up the coveted Kerns neighborhood. Whether you're a dedicated outdoor chef or simply someone that takes your leisure time seriously, this is the apartment complex for you.

Hassalo on Eighth

Designer fireplace on the roof at Hassalo on Eeighth

Source: Rent. / Hassalo on Eighth

Hassalo on Eighth boasts a stellar rooftop terrace with a long cement fireplace filled with black rocks. This bold look sets the tone for what is an undeniably cool place to call home. With gas grills, bar seating with a view and comfortable chairs scattered throughout, this rooftop deck is equipped to do it all.

This 657-unit Lloyd District apartment community packs a serious punch with the amenities and also provides residents with an indoor spa. While not on the roof, this peaceful paradise is perched up off the ground level and provides stunning views for anyone taking a soak.


View of the Willamette River from the Sanctuary rooftop

Source: Rent. / Sanctuary

Backing right up to the Willamette River, Sanctuary undoubtedly boasts some of the best views in all of South Portland. While not on the rooftop, this outdoor communal area is elevated a few floors off the ground level and, thanks to the river behind it, enjoys unobstructed views of the rushing water and lush greenery all around the 182-unit community.

This large communal space boasts gas grills, plush seating, fireplaces and perfect views of your little slice of Portland. Whether you like to take your first cup of coffee under the morning sun or you're more of a wind down by the fire with a glass of wine type, there's something for everyone to enjoy at Sanctuary.

ArLo Apartments

Indoor lounge surrounded by outdoor terrace at ArLo Apartments

Source: Rent. / ArLo Apartments

The rooftop lounge at ArLo Apartments seamlessly combines its stellar indoor space with the serene outdoor terrace. This multi-use elevated oasis has everything you need for a full day of fun with old friends and new neighbors.

Located in the beautiful Arbor Lodge neighborhood, the rooftop at this 180-unit community boasts a bar and demonstration kitchen with an indoor dining area, comfortable outdoor seating situated under ceiling-mounted heaters and manicured greenery lining the perimeter. There's no doubt that this is a cool and calming place to be, regardless of what the weather looks like in Portland.

Coen and Columbia

Rooftop bar seating at Coen and Columbia

Source: Rent. / Coen and Columbia

Located just across the Columbia River in Vancouver, Washington, the elevated lounge at Coen and Columbia is well-equipped and meticulously maintained. With wild grasses growing in planters providing a more natural feel within the dense urban jungle, bar seating with stellar views and a fire pit to keep you warm when temperatures drop, Coen and Columbia is a great place to call home for those who value easy access to the great outdoors.

The elevated courtyard-style outdoor lounge at this 200-unit community also boasts a professional-grade grilling station with ample prep space and tables all around so you can easily enjoy your culinary creation while soaking in the same view you had while making the meal. That's apartment living at its finest.

Pick the perfect Portland rooftop for you

Whether you want a private perch that looks out over the entirety of Portland, the perfect outdoor lounge to meet new neighbors or anything in between, the apartment communities featured on this list are the best of the best when it comes to providing residents with the resources they need to enjoy apartment life. There's never been a better time to start the search for your new Portland home than today.

Featured image source: Rent. / Elm Row

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