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Rent Editorial Team
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City Roundup | 03.27.2018

5 Cities Where Studio Apartments Don’t Come Cheap

 Let's take a look at the average monthly rent for a studio apartment in the 5 of the most expensive
Budget Conscious | 03.13.2018

10 Easy Ways to Save On Your Apartment’s Monthly Electric Bill

Here is a look at some unique things that you can do to save money on your utility bills. 
Apartment Hunting | 03.12.2018

The Ultimate Apartment Hunting Checklist

Before signing a lease, read through this apartment hunting checklist to avoid any unwanted surprises and ensure a smooth transition
Apartment Hunting | 11.03.2017

Meet Other Dog Lovers in Your Neighborhood

Dog lovers all have one thing in common: They're obsessed with their furry friends. If you're moving to a new
Decorating | 04.14.2017

Spring Mantle Decor: Lovely Focal Point for your Rental

Spring is in full swing, so embrace the change of season by freshening your home decor.  Your living room mantle
Decorating | 04.05.2017

7 Window Treatment Ideas for Windows with a Terrible View

Instead of staring at a brick wall, it might be time to get creative and hide the eyesore beyond your
Cleaning & Maintenance | 04.03.2017

Creative Indoor Planter Ideas for Your Apartment

It’s finally spring, and while everyone is starting to think about sprucing up their outdoor spaces, it’s also the perfect
Apartment Living | 03.29.2017

Green Living

Many apartment complexes are going green by becoming Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, or LEED, certified. LEED is a
Apartment Hunting | 03.27.2017

Apartment Hunting Tips: Location, Location, Location

When renting a new apartment, the interior is important, but you should never forget to take a good, long look