Some residents who live in a condo or apartment are limited on their personal amount of outdoor space. Balconies are oftentimes the only area that residents have for private outdoor space. With many balconies placed near each other, it can be hard to keep that area discrete. Here are some ways that you can easily increase the privacy of your balcony.

Use lattice

Depending on your home and the possible rules associated with your building or neighborhood, you may have restrictions on what you can use on your balcony. Instead of having climbing plants on your railing, which may grow to become a problem for neighbors, consider adding wood lattice screens that you can place on either side of your balcony. These will provide instant privacy from seemingly nosy neighbors and will also be a great spot to grow a climbing rose or virginia creeper vine that will use the lattice to create a fence of foliage.

Add a fence screen

If you want to add privacy to your balcony, but don’t want to obstruct your view, consider adding a fence screen to the balcony railing. Fence screens come in a wide variety of textures and colors and will instantly modernize your outdoor space while also blocking the ability for others to look through the fence. Fence screens are available in a wide range of sizes and price points to fit any sized railing and budget and oftentimes feature tie closures that won’t damage the building itself.


If you want instant privacy, and have another balcony above your unit, consider hanging potted plants from the roof. Usually hooks may already be installed which will make it easy to add a plant to help provide some privacy. Look for potted plants that will drape over the sides of the pot like petunias that will add to the privacy level of your balcony. Just adding a few well-placed hanging pots can go far in separating you from a close neighbor.

Add a water feature

Many times privacy includes not only visual aspects but audio elements as well. Is there a nearby dog that is constantly barking or too much traffic nearby your balcony? Consider adding a water feature to your balcony that will help to create an oasis type feeling. Sounds of running water usually produce calming feelings and can be a great way to block the unwanted noise of the neighborhood. A wide variety of water features are available that range in sizes. Instead of using a water feature that requires electricity, consider getting one that is solar powered to use the sun’s energy instead.

Use curtains

If you want to choose when to have privacy and don’t want to have something that is so permanent, consider purchasing some outdoor curtains that can be easily closed or tied open depending on your needs. Curtains will not only provide privacy but can also provide shade during warmer months. They also help to decorate a space with a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures available.

Finding privacy on a balcony can be quite easy with these tips. If your building has restrictions on installing items permanently, there are many different options that can be temporary while still creating a retreat like feel to a balcony. From lattice, to hanging plants, to curtains it can be easy to create a quiet and relaxing atmosphere to personalize your balcony area.

Katie Kuchta is a gardening and outdoor living guru, and self-proclaimed foodie. She can often be found cooking in the kitchen or on the hunt for the best tacos in Austin, TX, follow her on Instagram @atxtacoqueen.


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