26 Baltimore Facts All Locals Know to Be True

When people imagine Baltimore, they think of the harbor and the aquarium. However, the city has so much more to offer. In fact, there are certain things only real Baltimoreans know to be true.

If you’re a true resident, you’ll know about these Baltimore facts.

1. Everyone loves the Ravens, whether it’s the local football team or another raven, since the city is where Edgar Allan Poe died under mysterious circumstances.

2. Who needs salt and pepper? In Baltimore, the only seasoning you need is Old Bay, which can go on anything you eat.

3. You can’t miss Artscape, America’s largest free arts festival, attracting more than 350,000 attendees each year.

4. Baltimore is beautiful year-round. However, locals will argue the city is at its peak in autumn, when the leaves are changing colors.

5. You must order the works, unless you’re at the city’s infamous Polish sausage restaurant, in which case it’s “da works.” Otherwise, you’re missing out.

6. Everybody eats blue crab, and you can order it practically anywhere. Get your bib and mallet ready.

7. You can pretend you’re in “Hairspray” by walking around some of the filming locations from the 1988 movie, such as the corner of East Fairmount Avenue, where the Turnblads lived.

8. You can’t escape Captain Chesapeake. It’s also not uncommon to hear people talking about Mondy and Neptuna, characters from an iconic public access children’s show.

9. HONfest is the best time of year. Held each summer in Hampden, this festival celebrates working women, live artists and amazing hairdos.

10. Everyone is “hon,” no matter your age or gender.

11. If you want to see some of the city’s best sights with your friends — Walters Art Museum, Oriole Park, the Fort McHenry National Monument — the best option is the Metropolitan Shuttle.

12. It’s appropriate to shout “O!” during the National Anthem at baseball games.

13. Natty Boh is the one true beer.

14. Old-school movies reign supreme, especially at Bengies Drive-In, a blast from the past entering its 60th season.

15. It’s not pronounced “Baltimore.” The correct way to say the city’s name is “Bawlmer,” as it’s essential to drop the T.

16. Who needs white and lace linens? In Baltimore, where blue crab is the perfect meal, all you need is brown paper or old newspaper.

17. You don’t want to miss the Kinetic Sculpture Race, an event where people create works of art that can travel by land or water.

18. You shouldn’t go in the woods because “The Blair Witch Project” was filmed in Maryland. It’s still too soon.

19. Getting dressed up for the Preakness sounds like a great idea until you remember how hot and humid the city can get in May.

20. The Poe Toaster is a true mystery. Each year for 50 years, an unknown masked man would leave three roses and a bottle of cognac on Edgar Allan Poe’s grave. Will we ever find out who the mystery man was?

21. You must have a friend with a boat. Waiting for water taxis is worse than waiting for Uber.

22. The best pizza is square, and it preferably comes from Ledo Pizza.

23. You initially loathed the 51-foot male/female statue outside of Penn Station, but now you love it.

24. Sunday farmers markets are key. You haven’t lived until you hit up the market under the Jones Fall Expressway and quickly hop in the breakfast line for Blacksauce Kitchen.

25. You’ve likely gotten caught by a speed camera before. Now, you know the exact position of every trap.

26. Maryland has the best state flag. Just look at it! How can you not appreciate the symbol celebrating the first Lords Baltimore who founded the state?

You know you’re from Baltimore when…

If you’re a Baltimorean, you’re proud of your city and its quirks. From tasty Old Bay to a love for the Ravens, locals have a lot to celebrate.

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