Bathroom Decor Ideas from Celebrity Homes

Not everyone thinks of their bathroom as a room to decorate. However, with a little creativity and some great bathroom decor ideas, you can make this space just as trendy as the rest of your apartment. Look for design motivation in a variety of places, including celebrity style. Here are a few ideas inspired by celebrity homes:

Cameron Diaz’s Bathroom Decor

This bombshell actress not only sports a stylish wardrobe, but a creative and elegant bathroom as well. The walls of the room are covered in rustic glass tiles that have an almost copper-like sheen. She has a white vanity with a marble countertop and golden knobs. The look is finished with large, oval mirrors.

Get the Look: Elegance

You can copy the design in your apartment bathroom with some ingenuity. The main problem with translating Diaz’s design into your place is the tiles. Since you’re renting, you won’t be able to dramatically alter your bathroom with the installation of new tiles. However, you can use the distressed glass elsewhere. Buy a few tile samples and hang them on the wall the way you would a piece of art. Play around with arranging them in different ways, such as a single square of several tiles or a sweep of glass in an asymmetrical pattern.

Next, replace the knobs on your bathroom drawers with gold ones. Be sure to hold onto the originals so you can swap them back before you move out.

Keri Russell’s Bathroom Decor

Take a few bathroom decor ideas from Keri Russell, whose design melds classical and simple with beautiful natural elements. Her windows are covered with chocolate sheer curtains, which match the upholstery on a nearby chair. The walls of her bathroom are cream and the trim is white. Russell’s bathroom also sports a metal basket, which holds rolled towels, and a counter created with reclaimed wood.

Get the Look: Natural

Celebrity homes aren’t the only places for great bathrooms. Get the Russell look in your apartment by bringing together chocolate, cream and white. Since the chocolate is the darkest color, you should use it as an accent. Purchase floor rugs and a shower curtain in this shade. Look for a metal waste basket to imitate Russell’s darling towel holder. Place the photos you want in your bathroom inside a rustic wood frame rather than replacing the vanity. Choose towels that are white or cream to complete the look.

Yves Saint Laurent’s Bathroom Decor

Known for his luxury designs, would you expect anything less than spectacular for Yves Saint Laurent’s guest bathroom? This dramatic Moroccan style room features vivid blues and beautiful tile work.

Get the Look: Vibrant

You can imitate celebrity homes by zeroing in on key components, such as color, texture and material. Choose vibrant blue details–like towels, shower curtains or rugs– for your Yves Saint Laurent-inspired bathroom.

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