Apartment Living

09.06.2018 | 1 Minute Read | By Timothy Harris

This taste for fine hotel living has now shifted to the residential sector of the elite, which includes an apartment concierge. But, what exactly are concierge apartments all about?

Follow along for some of the lavish (yet practical) benefits of a luxury apartment concierge.

Helping hands

Like many, you’re probably very busy and often rushing around. In the moment, it can be nearly impossible to complete small tasks like making dinner reservations or calling the repairman.

Concierge apartments offer a built-in helping hand to take some of your obligations off your plate. And the best part is that the concierge actually works for you, so you know they’ll do a great job.

If you have your concierge make your dinner reservation, you can be sure they’ll get the best table they can finesse. Similarly, repairs or other in-home services will be completed by individuals your professional concierge has vetted – no need to worry about the stranger going into your home while you’re away.

Place for packages

This might seem like an insanely small perk considering the price tag that’s typically associated with concierge apartments, but it’s actually a highly desired apartment amenity. Having a place to receive packages can help eliminate the endless back and forth of “Sorry we missed you,” sticky-notes.

Though there are secondary actions you could take to get your package to you quickly, having a reliable attendant in your building to receive your packages the first time can be a huge asset.

Auto attendant

If you live in an urban center, you know how hard managing a vehicle can be. Parking is often expensive and scarce in the U.S.’s largest cities. A concierge typically handles the day-to-day valet services, so you don’t have to.

One of the most desirable benefits of living in a concierge apartment is that your car will always be ready when you need it and safely stored away when you don’t.

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