Benefits of Living Near a Grocery Store

Living near a grocery store has its perks. Here are a few reasons why you should make proximity to a market a priority when looking for a new apartment:


Unless you have an enormous garden growing somewhere in your apartment, you’ll be hauling home groceries a couple of times a month, if not once a week. Ideally, you’d want to find a new apartment that has a variety of major grocery stores in the neighborhood or in the immediate surrounding area. Think about it for a quick second. Person A travels only 10 minutes to the grocery store. Person B travels 20 minutes. If both people travel once a week to the store for a whole year, Person A travels 1040 minutes (round trip) a year while Person B travels 2080 minutes. That’s more than 17 hours of your life a year that is spent on traveling! With a little bit of planning, you can take those hours back.


If you are anything like the hundreds of thousands of recent college grads, you are working long hours every day. Chances are your kitchen is as barren as the Sahara Desert. Even if it was stocked full after a trip to mom and dad’s house, you couldn’t muster up the energy to prepare a decent meal. Still, you have to feed yourself somehow. Many grocery stores have pre-made home cooked meals like chicken breasts, mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans all set up in a nice and tidy package. Whole rotisserie chickens, garden fresh salads, soups and bread are all quick fixes to satisfy your after-work hunger, without all of the messy clean-up.


If you are a person who likes to have friends over, living close to a market is a must. Most grocery stores and markets will have everything you need to throw a successful party. You will be able to stock up on plastic plates and cups, disposable spoons and forks, napkins and garbage bags. If you somehow miscalculated how much food and how many beverages you needed for your party, you can always run to the store and pick up more.

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