best apartment gyms in sacramento

The Best Apartment Gyms in Sacramento

Known as the “City of Trees,” there’s no doubt that Sacramento is a beautiful place to call home. Because the city is peppered with parks and full of fun options to fill your days with outdoor activities, it’s important to stay in shape if you want to experience the full scope of everything Sacramento has to offer.

Whether you’re a CrossFit junkie, dedicated treadmill runner or committed to curls, there’s an apartment gym on this list that will look like it was built just for you. Find the Sacramento gym that best fits your exercise style and start the process toward signing that lease today.

The Press Apartments

Row machines and more at The Press Apartments

Source: Rent. / The Press Apartments

The Press Apartments is a modern complex designed to help residents maximize every aspect of their daily lives. From the private office spaces and 24-hour hangout area to the hound lounge to, of course, the pristine fitness center. Equipped with everything you’d expect to find in a community with more than a few things you seldom see outside of the most expensive monthly membership gyms, this gym sets the bar in Sacramento.

Providing residents with a yoga studio, multiple rowing machines and even a boxing machine, this gym has what you’re looking for regardless of how you like to get your heart rate up. Located in Sacramento’s highly sought-after Richmond Grove, life is good when you’re lucky enough to call The Press Apartments home.

Capitol Towers

Beautiful loft-style gym at Capitol Towers

Source: Rent. / Capitol Towers

The amenities at Capitol Towers are extensive. These downright beautiful apartments are located in Downtown Sacramento and it’s safe to say they boast one of the best apartment gyms in Sactown.

Featuring a loft-style fitness center with leg machines, a lat pulldown machine and enough free weights for all to enjoy a workout without any wait time, this fitness center doesn’t leave any room for complaints. The wellness amenities don’t stop at the expansive gym either. There are also two dry saunas, a spa/hot tub area and a large, rectangular pool that’s perfect for swimming laps.


The serene spin room at Vasari

Source: Rent. / Vasari

Situated south of Sacramento in Elk Grove, the Vasari apartment complex is complete with a fitness center that just might put your current gym to shame. With a dedicated spin area and yoga studio alongside a large gym equipped with an array of upper and lower body machines, heavy ropes and treadmills with pool views, it’s easy to see why residents often fall in love with this fitness center soon after signing the lease.

Whether you’re an early-morning lifter or more of an after-work elliptical person, you’re never short on options at this apartment gym. Not to mention the fact that you can work out hard with the comfort of knowing there’s a hot tub waiting for you to soak the soreness away.

Miramonte and Trovas

View of the entire gym at Miramonte and Trovas

Source: Rent. / Miramonte and Trovas

Lit up by large windows and a lime green accent wall, the fitness center at Miramonte and Trovas is more than meets the eye. With everything you’d expect in a well-equipped gym, like a Smith machine for safe reps without a spotter, large free weight racks and plenty of benches to help you get a full workout with ease, this gym clearly covers all the essentials.

Where this North Natomas complex really separates itself from the rest is its offering of fitness on-demand. The gym TVs have fitness on-demand, a system that allows residents to learn more about working out and fitness from the comfort of their home gym. No personal trainer is required, this fitness center has it all and then some.

The Mansion

one of the best apartment gyms in Sacramento

Source: Rent. / The Mansion

With a name like “The Mansion” you better have some high-end amenities to match. Needless to say, the beautiful fitness center at this beautiful Boulevard Park apartment complex does not disappoint.

With strength and conditioning equipment as far as the eye can see, mirrored walls, flat-screen TVs and plenty of natural light, this gym sets up its residents for success and supports the journey toward accomplishing even the loftiest of personal fitness goals. Enjoy full-circuit workouts with top-tier equipment in this fine fitness center.


Natural light pouring through the large windows at the fitness center Kensington in Sacramento

Source: Rent. / Kensington

Stationary bikes, Hoist machinery and Matrix treadmills are just a few of the stellar pieces of equipment you can expect to find at the Kensington fitness center. With vaulted ceilings letting in all the natural light you could ever want and, most importantly, enough space to stretch out and get your sweat on without being disturbed by others, this gym was built with residents’ comfort in mind every step of the way.

This Arden-Arcade apartment complex also boasts three pools and a relaxing spa. That means you can start your day swimming laps and then cap it off by soaking away the pains of the day.


Cardio area in the brick-walled fitness center at Academy65

Source: Rent. / Academy65

Known for its youthful resident population, proximity to Sacramento State and impressive list of amenities, Academy65 is a great place for active people to call home. Boasting a 24-hour fitness center complete with a StairMaster, multiple treadmills under flat-screen TVs, and a mountain of medicine balls, this fitness center is equipped to handle all types of exercise styles.

Not just catering to the heavy lifters, the fitness center at this College Town complex is also equipped with a yoga studio and spin area. Whether you’re looking to pedal away your problems or just improve your flexibility a little bit, there’s a space for you at the fitness center at Academy65.

The Woodlands

Exposed beams in the light-filled gym at The Woodlands

Source: Rent. / The Woodlands

The Woodlands is a magnificent Metro Center apartment complex with, as you may have guessed from the name, an appealing cabin feel. With more than one StairMaster, a lat pulldown machine and a squat rack all at your disposal, among many other pieces of top-tier equipment, there’s no questioning the Woodlands fitness center’s place on this list.

The opportunities for recreation don’t end at the fitness center either. This complex also provides residents with a cornhole court, three pools and two hot tubs. Regardless of what you’re feeling, there’s always something to do at The Woodlands.


Daytime view of the Irongate apartments gym

Source: Rent. / Irongate

Located in North Natomas, Sacramento, the fitness center at Irongate isn’t just spacious, it’s also equipped with everything you need to not just achieve but to exceed your fitness goals. Whether you are looking to up your cardio, tack on some mass, drop a few pounds or anything in between, you have more than a few options thanks to the exercise amenities at this North Natomas fitness center.

Adorned with upper and lower-body machines, lots of free weights and flat-screen TVs for when you need a mental break from your treadmill running or leg pressing, exercise options are never an issue. Thanks to white walls, a high ceiling and plenty of natural light, this fitness center feels large and always has enough space for residents to work out, even during the busier hours.

The Fremont

one of the best apartment gyms in Sacramento

Source: Rent. / The Fremont

Easily recognizable by its unique Mediterranean architecture, The Fremont is one of the more desirable buildings in Midtown to call home. With sizable windows to let in natural light, large free-weight racks, stacks of stationary balls and a couple of shelves of complimentary towels, this fitness center is fully stocked and ideal for fitness-minded folks from all walks of life.

Also boasting a professional-grade stationary bike alongside a state-of-the-art elliptical machine and treadmill, The Fremont’s fantastic fitness center supports your cardio goals.

Get your sweat on in Sacramento

Whether you’re a daily runner, a weekly weightlifter or someone just looking to improve flexibility the slightest bit, Sacramento is full of apartment gyms that are capable of supporting you through even the most ambitious fitness goals.

See yourself getting your sweat on in one of these next-level fitness centers? Fill out an application today and reignite your passion for personal fitness in your new apartment gym.

Featured image source: Rent. / The Press Apartments


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