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10 Boston Apartments That Are Better Than Spas

Getting downtime is so crucial, especially in a city like Boston. Everyone who lives here knows things move at a fast pace. Finding a place where you can unwind is ideal, so why not look for a Boston apartment that offers plenty of quiet and comfy spots?

No matter what neighborhood in Boston appeals to you, there are places with great amenities that include somewhere to grab a tranquil moment.

Which one of these places spells out serenity to you? We’ll prove that the best spas in Boston can be found right in your new home.

West Square


Source: Rent. / West Square

Finding the perfect little bit of green space in Boston, away from the foot traffic in the public parks isn’t easy, but West Square has an oasis that works. A lovely square of green at the center of the community sits among bushes and flowers, creating a meditative spot.

This green community, located on the south side of D Street – West Broadway, is not only close to the water but includes off-street parking, an entertainment lounge with fireplace and pet spa.

AVA Theater District


Source: Rent. / AVA Theater District

Take a breather in the funky lounge in AVA Theater District. This cool, colorful community offers up a nice space to chill in, with plenty of seating and a paneled accent wall for a little bit of zen. Bright colors follow the decor throughout this community where you’ll find neon coffee tables in the Sky Pavilion’s chill lounge and bright orange seating in the game room.

In an ideal Boston location, AVA Theater District, in the Central neighborhood, is close to Boston Common as well as the MBTA. The community also provides garage parking and is pet friendly.

Piano Craft Guild


Source: Rent. / Piano Craft Guild

A large green space attached to an apartment building is an amazing find, and this terraced, grassy area is a great addition to Piano Craft Guild. There’s nothing more soothing than soaking up the sun on warm days in this city. Mature trees offer some shade in this enclosed courtyard and the space is large enough to even entertain friends.

Within the close-knit, highly walkable South End, Piano Craft Guild is only a few blocks from the city center and comes complete with an infinity pool, Zen garden, study and fitness space.

The West End Apartments


Source: Rent. / The West End Apartments

Snuggle into the plush perfection of a soft green chair and lose yourself in your favorite movie at The West End Apartments. The theater room will immediately take you out of your day’s stresses. With plenty of chairs, you can even invite some friends to decompress with you.

Close to shopping, restaurants and pubs, with amazing views of Boston Harbor and the Charles River, this West End gem has plenty of other amenities to explore.

Mbh Apartments

best spas in boston

Source: Rent. / Mbh Apartments

Really good windows. Not just a few small rectangles here and there, but double-decker stacks of glass that take up almost an entire wall. It’s not every day this amazing feature shows up in an apartment, but when you have them, the views are spectacular and the increased levels of natural light can transform any room into a serene getaway. At Mbh Apartments, these huge windows, framed in black, have a cool and modern look, giving you excellent city views both day and night.

Situated in the Fenway neighborhood, this is one of the most perfect locations in Boston. You’re close to everything, including the iconic Green Monster in Fenway Park.

Garrison Square

best spas in boston

Source: Rent. / Garrison Square

The many brick buildings in Boston help give the city its particular look, so finding a nice apartment courtyard that combines greenery with bricked pathways creates a special space. At Garrison Square, the center courtyard has plenty of bushes and potted plants among some hardscaping and brickwork. A comfy couch and some patio chairs in a few seating areas provide ample space to just relax.

Nestled beside the Charles River, in Back Bay, the best part of living here is the location. You’re close to Copley Square and Newbury Street, giving you plenty of options when it comes to restaurants, bars and shops.

Avalon North Station


Source: Rent. / Avalon North Station

Take a breather with amazing city views in the plush lounge at Avalon North Station. This Central neighborhood community offers up a nice, open space that’s full of light, and plenty of seating. A small TV area allows you to decompress with friends over your favorite show, movie or sporting event as well.

This LEED Silver-certified building has plenty of amenities, including the Sky Pavilion Lounge. You’ll also find garage parking, a WAG pet spa, and fitness studio with on-demand programming all within steps of both the orange line and green line of the T.

The Alyx at EchelonSeaport


Source: Rent. / The Alyx at EchelonSeaport

When you think of an apartment being better than a spa, how often do you consider the bathroom? You’ll be in it every day, so finding one with a spa-like feel is a huge win. At The Alyx at EchelonSeaport, bathrooms feel serene in clean white, soft hues of gray and weathered browns. If just a shower, frameless glass adds depth, and the tubs are a perfect size. Soft vertical lighting around the vanity mirror also adds a little something extra to this calm space.

As another apartment in D-Street – West Broadway, you’ll also find a dog run and play area, resident lounge, pool, courtyard and fitness center.

The Greenhouse Apartments

best spas in boston

Source: Rent. / The Greenhouse Apartments

Living up to its name, you’ll feel instant zen once you walk into The Greenhouse Apartments. The bright lobby has, at its center, the perfect array of plants and flowers, setting the tone for relaxation. Once you go outside, there’s a large outdoor dining area surrounded by tall bushes and manicured grass.

For anyone wanting to live in Back Bay, this idyllic spot also features a rooftop deck with heated pool, a state-of-the-art fitness center and valet garage parking. Living here puts you close to the T and gives you some great city views.

62 On the Park

best spas in boston

Source: Rent. / 62 On the Park

It’s not every day that you find an apartment with an in-unit fireplace. The ability to end your day in front of a warm fire, finding true relaxation, is a huge perk in a city that gets as cold as Boston. 62 On the Park has you covered though with a stylish fireplace tucked into the corner of the large living room.

There’s plenty of historical charm to this Central community that’s close to the green, orange and red MBTA lines. You’re also right beside Boston Common. It’s a fantastic Boston location to call home.

Find the best spas in Boston right at home

Thinking about it long and hard, what Boston apartment amenities are most important to you? Is it somewhere you can relax, the perfect fitness center or a huge, sparkling pool? Maybe it’s all three.

No matter what tops your list, always be on the lookout for extra space that shouts comfort. You’ll appreciate having a home to go to that’s more than just the actual apartment you live in.

Featured Image Source: RENT. / WEST SQUARE


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