The Best Apartments in Tampa for Coffee Lovers

Though many of its cafes have proffered liquid excellence in the form of cortados and cortaditos for decades, its more universal coffee game has grown profoundly in recent years.

As many residents of this vibrant city enjoy an on-the-go lifestyle, proper caffeination is essential. So, for java junkies and caf-fiends, we present the 10 best Tampa apartments for coffee lovers.

10. Post Rocky Point

post rocky point

Photo courtesy of Post Rocky Point

When you live in West Tampa and this close to the sparkling bay, your apartment community — in this case Post Rocky Point — is as close to resort living as you can get.

To get your coffee fix, you’ll need to venture to the nearby Westin Tampa Bay. This is where you’ll find your “neighborhood Starbucks!” You could definitely do worse!

9. Channel Club

channel club tampa
Photo courtesy of Channel Club

There are several options for coffee within a brief stroll from the Channel Club. You’ll have your iced mocha back to the sundeck way before it melts.

One option, the International Café, has a less international menu that you might expect from its name — but a solid one. Locals love it for a quick, reasonably priced breakfast or lunch, which can be tough to find downtown!

8. Park Avenue

park avenue tampa
Photo courtesy of Park Avenue

Whether you’re looking to enjoy your coffee on site amid Park Avenue’s lushly landscaped grounds, on the way to one of the close-by attractions like Busch Gardens or the Museum of Science and Industry or simply at the local shop, you could do worse than Felicitous.

Housed in a charming purple cottage, it’s a local favorite for its friendly and art-forward vibe — not to mention tasty teas, frappes and house-specialties.

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7. Trio at Encore

trio at encore tampa

Photo courtesy of Trio at Encore

One of the best features of the Trio at Encore is the neighborhood’s walkability. Combine that with the Tampa weather and you’ve got every reason to make the half-mile stroll to Café Hey, where coffee, tea, baked goods and sandwiches are among the fair.

Pop in on Thursday for open-mic night, where live music, poetry and more capture the vibe of the district.

6. Belara Lakes

belara lakes tampa
Photo courtesy of Belara Lakes

Multiple pool options and a lake around which residents can stroll are just a couple of the amenities residents enjoy at Belara Lakes, and you can do it all with a good, sweet, strong Vietnamese iced coffee in hand. You can get it at nearby NHU Y Coffee, along with a tasty banh mi sandwich if you find yourself in need of a bite.

5. The Fitzgerald

The Fitzgerald tampa
Photo courtesy of The Fitzgerald

Hardcore caffeine fiends with a desire to commit might even choose life at The Fitzgerald for its proximity to Ginger Beard, hailed by some as the city’s best coffee shop (a bold statement!).

The specialty is nitrogen-infused cold brew — a great choice for subtropical Florida heat. You’ll find them inside the Pour House, a beer bar on Kennedy.

4. SkyHouse Channelside

SkyHouse Channelside tampa

Photo courtesy of SkyHouse Channelside

If you can tear yourself from the pool area at the beautiful SkyHouse Channelside (perhaps you have a dog that needs walking?), you’ll find several options for coffee within walking distance. But none are as close as Victory Coffee, less than 200 feet from your door. Here you can grab a bite or even a glass of wine if the mood strikes.

3. Element

Element tampa

Photo courtesy of Element

At Element, you’re living in the arts district, so it seems about right that you’d have multiple coffeehouse options so you can be seen working (or working on your novel) while enjoying a butterscotch-infused latte.

About a minute’s walk from your sleek lobby, Caffeine Coffee Roasters awaits — offering up a modern, clean vibe and locally lauded coffee. They sell it in bags, too, so you can enjoy it with your apartment’s skyline view!

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2. Tempo at Encore

tempo at encore tampa

Photo courtesy of Tempo at Encore

In addition to the aforementioned Café Hey, Tempo at Encore residents (and yes, their Trio neighbors), can add another two minutes to that stroll and enjoy the vibe at Foundation Coffee, as well.

A serene and inviting shop, fans enjoy the vibe and service, along with the cold brew, cortados and other java-junkie-related fare.

1. NINE15

NINE15 tampa

Photo courtesy of NINE15

Not only do NINE15 residents enjoy quality coffee and eats in pleasant digs at the Portico Café, they can feel like they’re doing something for the community, since this business supports several initiatives to help the homeless find housing and work.

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We looked at all apartments in Tampa and rated them on the number of coffee-related businesses within a half-mile radius. We used an exponentially decreasing scale based on distance from the apartment. For instance, coffee shops located across the street from a specific property would carry more weight than those a quarter-mile away. Our establishment counts come from commercially available business listings and may not reflect recent openings and closings.

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