But living with someone else can either be an amazing experience or a pretty terrible one. We’ve all heard the horror stories of piles of dirty dishes, garbage that’s never taken out and late night weekday parties. You may have even experienced these frustrations first hand.

Thankfully, with social networks and technology, there are plenty of apps to help you search for your ideal roommate. Here’s a list of our top five.

1. Roomi

Roomi uses an algorithm to match you up with a roommate that would best be suited for you. You answer questions about yourself, what you’re looking for in an ideal roommate and Roomi then works its magic to pair two matches together.

Roomi has users do quick background checks, and gives the option to link social media accounts so both roommates can feel more confident and secure in the process.

Once you’re ready to message a potential “roomi,” you can do so though the app so you don’t have to exchange any personal contact information until you’re ready.

2. Roomster

Roomster has listings in more than 192 countries and 18 languages. It connects potential roommates using personality traits, keyword searches and interests to help you find your ideal match.

Members can match based on testimonials from friends, hobbies, interests and questions answered through their profiles. Roomster allows users to link their social accounts so this app tends to have more data to find the perfect match.

Once you find a potential roommate that looks promising, you can connect with them through Roomster mailbox.

3. RoomEasy

RoomEasy is kind of like the Tinder of roommate apps. With RoomEasy, you create a profile, add personal description tags from their system and browse roommate and apartment listings. You can also connect your Facebook profile and see if your potential new roommate and you have any mutual friends.

Once you find something that interests you, you’ll “like” your favorite places or potential roommates profiles, and if they “like” yours, you’ll be matched. Once you’re matched, you can connect through the chat app that’s built into RoomEasy.

4. SpareRoom

SpareRoom claims it is the busiest roommate app, with a roommate match being found every three minutes on its platform. What really sets SpareRoom apart from some other roommate apps is that it has a team of real people that screen each and every ad on SpareRoom so you can ensure listings are safe and verified.

This app even hosts speed room-mating events where you can meet up with people in your community and go through a roommate speed date-like process to see if you find someone you mix well with.

5. BunkUp

BunkUp is a pretty cool app that will help you find a roommate and an apartment. With BunkUp, much like the other apps, you fill out details about yourself and what you’re looking for in a roommate and are then matched or “BunkedUp.”

You can look for someone to move into your open space, move into a vacant room someone else is offering or find a new roommate to look for an entirely new apartment with. BunkUp even has agents that will help you find the new apartment.

With so many roommate apps out there, it’s easier than ever to find a perfect roommate – or at least a good one. Gone are the days of blindly showing up at someone’s place or finding a classified ad in the paper. If you’re looking for the ideal roommate give one of the above apps a try.

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