The Best (and Funniest) Christmas Family Photos We’ve Ever Seen

You’re probably sending and receiving lots of greeting cards, despite the fact that snail mail has dropped by almost half (43 percent) since 2001.

But holiday cards are still popular. Greeting cards are a multi-billion dollar industry, with the average household snatching up about 30 greeting cards each year, thanks to millennials.

There’s a reason why Hallmark is more than 100 years old. People love sending and receiving cards. So, this year, forget the picture-perfect smiles and poses. It’s been done and bo-ring.

Instead, get creative and downright funny with your family photo greeting cards. If you haven’t sent this year’s family photo yet, these ideas may be worth replicating. It could just put a smile on the receiver’s face (and land your photo smack dab on their fridge).

We’ve gathered 14 humorous ones to spark ideas and entertain you.

1. This family decided to make blinking great again

whole family blinking at once

Photo courtesy of My Organized Chaos

Say cheese — and close your eyes. Don’t forget to wear your obnoxious, matching Christmas sweaters.

2. Go vintage, with your pet

montage of couple with pug

Photo courtesy of Team Jimmy Joe

Nothing says let’s remember the ’80s quite like these odd, profile photos. Or was it a convenient way to be in the same photo because they weren’t able to be in the same place at the same time? Either way, the pug looks great. Thanks, Photoshop.

3. Strike a pose

Family striking a pose in front of the Christmas tree.

Photo courtesy of Team Jimmy Joe

Aren’t throwback photos the best? This family definitely wanted their photo to stand out. It’s an awkward display of creepy hand placements (and jazz hands). This photo would’ve failed miserably without the step stool.

4. Pet owners that call themselves “parents”

Dog parents with matching sweaters.

Photo courtesy of My Organized Chaos

There’s no doubt that dogs are an essential member of your family, and this is one, very proud dog couple. Just look at this dad’s smile. Why send photos of babies when you have Fido by your side?

5. Meet Grumpy Cat’s cousin

Annoyed cat with happy parents.

Photo courtesy of eBaum’s World

Looks like someone will need more convincing that the holidays have officially arrived. Hint: It’s not the humans.

6. Save the trees

A human Christmas tree

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Finally, a photo that doesn’t have a Christmas tree in the background. This group decided to get artsy and make a people tree. Next year’s card? A human Menorah.

7. Mini-dads

A dad with lookalike sons sipping tea

Photo courtesy of My Modern Met

Like father, like sons. This dad decided to show off his two little ones in the cutest way possible. What we’re all dying to know is, where did they get those baby glasses?

8. No, this isn’t a mattress ad

Family children and dog being thrown by a sheet parachute

Photo courtesy of Bored Panda

This is the power of Photoshop at its finest.

9. Oh, these naughty parents

Children taped to the wall while their parents look on

Photo courtesy of Around the World Christmas

Kids got you crazed for the holidays? Taping them to the wall should do the trick.

10. Quality time together during the holidays

Family engrossed in screen time at Christmas

Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed

This family gets it. Spending time together means spending it online.

11. Don’t eat me!

Family photos made into cookies

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

This is a deliciously creative and humorous twist on a family that probably loves gingerbread cookies.

12. Pillow cushion faces are the new fashion for your couch

Family photos turned into throw pillows

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Forget those old photo mugs. It’s all about the custom-made throw pillows. This is great if you can’t get everyone together in the same room to take a photo and want to startle new guests that come to your apartment.

13. When your kids can’t take “no” for an answer

Kids tie their parents up in front of Christmas tree

Photo courtesy of All the Stuff I Care About

This family took the chaos of Christmas and captured it in a posed, but funny photo.

14. When your children get in trouble for opening their presents early

Children tied up in front of Christmas tree

Photo courtesy of Country Living

Of course, if your kids do actually open their presents early, this could be the follow-up photo.

Make this holiday creative and fun

Despite the digital age we live in, sending cards is still a strong tradition during the holidays. In fact, a survey from The Greeting Card Association revealed that nearly one-third of respondents said they keep special cards “forever.”

So, if you haven’t snapped any holiday photos yet, get going with one of these creative ideas and give them a twist to make this year memorable. Make fun of yourself, think outside the box and have fun with the kiddos.

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