Holidays Pets

12.14.2018 | 1 Minute Read | By Rebecca Green

The rawhide and scratch-off ticket you usually give man’s best friend just aren’t gonna cut it this year. No excuses. Your dog is an individual and he contributes to the household in important ways. He deserves a gift that shows you care.

Check out these gifts for pups of all personalities and preferences:

The hipster

hipster dog

Photo courtesy of Etsy

For the dog who always looks stylish while drinking La Croix from his water bowl while listening to the latest Grizzly Bear record on vinyl.


The gadget geek

gadget geek dog

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Because dogs can be early adopters too, especially if the technology involves treats


The adventurer

adventurer dog

Photo courtesy of Amazon

For the dog who likes to keep his treats and water bottle close at hand during those long hikes.


The frat boy

frat boy dog

Photo courtesy of Instagram

Perfect for the bro who loves a good game of bark pong.


The foodie

foodie dog

Photo courtesy of

For the canine who turns his nose up at the standard rawhide.


The prep

prep dog

Photo courtesy of Etsy

A flashy bowtie is perfect for the Ivy-league educated dog who feels most at home at the country club.


The high-strung

high strung dog gift

Photo courtesy of

Because some dogs just need to take a chill pill.


The sports fanatic

sports fan dog gift

Photo courtesy of

For that pup that loves to rep his favorite sports teams at all times.


The booze hound

booze hound dog gifts

Photo courtesy of

For the pup who’s also a party animal.


The design snob

design snob dog gift

Photo courtesy of

For the problem-solving dog who wears black turtlenecks and reads Dezeen while drinking espresso.


The just plain spoiled

spoiled dog gifts

Photo courtesy of

What do you get for the dog who has everything?


The mutt

mutt dog gift

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Because everyone knows mutts make the best dogs, but even they want to know where they came from.


The lazy any dog

lazy dog gift

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Because every dog loves a good snooze in a sunny spot.

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