Holidays Roommates

12.16.2018 | 2 Minute Read | By Timothy Harris

Whether you like them or not, there’s sort of an obligation to get a little something for the person you share your space with. Since you already pay rent every month, we’re going to keep these affordable – all are under $20.

1. A tapestry

tapestry on wall

Tapestries are definitely in right now. They’re a great way to express yourself in your home without it coming off as tacky. Decorative tapestries come in virtually any style and can reflect anyone’s personal taste.

Browse tapestries online and find one that you think matches your roommate’s interests. They’re cheap, fun to receive and they generally brighten up the space!

2. Houseplants

house plants in home

While we’re on the topic of gifts that also act as home decor, a houseplant is another great choice. Houseplants are becoming extremely popular. In fact, since 2016, millennials have actually accounted for a noticeable uptick in the purchase of houseplants.

Indoor plants are typically very low maintenance plants and can be styled in a number of ways to match your existing decor. Plus, they’re cheap – your roommate will love it and so will your wallet!

3. Adult coloring book

adult coloring book

Have you noticed the resurgence of coloring books? Once a remnant of our childhood, coloring books are back in a big way. Perhaps because the millennials who grew up on coloring books get older and stressed out, and many of these books are branded as “stress relieving.”

With their whimsical patterns and focused relaxation properties, your roommate will die for their own adult coloring book this Christmas. Maybe consider a fun, TV-themed book like this Bob’s Burgers coloring book or a more tranquil book like the Color Super Cute Animals coloring book.

4. The Roommate Book

roommates reading book

Seems pretty straight-forward, but The Roommate Book is a comprehensive guide to coexisting. It has fun quizzes, easy recipes and tons of humorous info about living with another person. Your roommate will enjoy reading this book and it will also likely help you both live a bit more peacefully.

5. Canvas tote bag

tote bag

Ever go grocery shopping? What about to yoga or to the gym? How many times a day do you find yourself with your hands too full? The solution for all of these situations is a tote bag. If you can imagine yourself using one, chances are your roommate will be into it, too.

Plus, buying your roommate a canvas tote bag allows for a ton of creativity on your part. If you do some browsing on sites like Etsy or CafePress, you’ll find virtually limitless options of tote bag designs. Think about your roommate’s favorite foods, activities, TV shows, celebrities or causes and see if you can find a bag to match.

6. Portable Pizza Pouch

portable pizza pouch

Photo courtesy of Amazon

This one is exactly what you might think – a portable pouch worn around the neck intended for carrying a single slice of pizza. And yes, this product actually exists.

For this gift, there’s a clear-cut line on whether or not your roommate would want or use this item – if you’re honest with yourself, you know the answer.

7. VR headset

guy wearing a VR headset

Virtual reality has taken over in the last couple of years – especially in the gift market. But, most VR headsets are still quite expensive and probably out of the range of what you’d like to spend on your roommate. There are several affordable options, however, that use a device we all already have – our cell phones.

Many on the market today are made of lightweight, affordable material that can be worn like a mask and use a cell phone as the display. Some are even made of cardboard, like the model made by Google – literally called Google Cardboard.

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