The Best Cities for Vegans in America

Vegan diets have become increasingly more trendy in America, with roughly 3 percent of the population identifying as vegan. Simply put, a vegan is someone who does not eat animals or any animal products.

As vegan lifestyles are on the rise, we dove into the data to identify the best cities for vegans. Here, you’ll find a list of the top 50 cities for vegans (and vegetarians!) in cities across the country.

We created our list by looking at every city with a population threshold of 50,000 people or more. From there, we made sure every city had at least 10 vegan restaurants and ranked them by the number of restaurants per 100,000 people.

So, without further ado, here is the list of the best cities for vegans, beginning with a shout out to the top 10.

10. Salt Lake City, UT

salt lake city

Known as the Beehive State, Salt Lake City joins the ranks of other vegan-friendly cities as the 10th best city for vegans. In fact, there are more vegan places per capita in S.L.C. than in N.Y.C.

Located in the heart of downtown is Zest, a bar and restaurant offering fresh, healthy food for hungry patrons. Looking for a dinner sans burger? Check out Vertical Diner where you can get vegan wings, burgers and sandwiches.

The busy bees working hard in Salt Lake City pay an average of $1,247 in monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment.

9. Kalamazoo, MI


Kalamazoo has vegans, too! This city is full of history, parks and of course, vegan restaurants. The city has groups dedicated to helping each other live a plant-based lifestyle and has a variety of restaurants, bars, coffee shops and fast food options that are entirely vegan.

From chain restaurants like Chipotle and Red Robin that offer vegan options to Cosmo’s and Crow’s Nest, vegans have so many options to choose from.

Rent remains fairly affordable in Kalamazoo with a monthly payment of $855 on average for a one-bedroom.

8. Lancaster, PA


Once the U.S. capital for a day, Lancaster is known for its red, ripe Washington Boro tomatoes. Perhaps this fun fact helped influence the abundance of vegan restaurants in the city. For every 100,000 people, there are 19 vegan restaurants, making it the eighth-best city for vegans.

Root, a local eatery, is ever-changing with a new menu every six to eight weeks. Upohar, another vegan joint, serves global flavors with a variety of menu options. And, if you’re looking for a sweet treat, Cinnaholic offers vegan treats, too!

Vegans and meat-eaters alike will pay $1,156 in rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Lancaster.

7. Pensacola, FL


Pensacola has a little bit of everything to offer its citizens. It’s a military town because of the Naval Air Station, a beach town because of the vast coast and a metro area because of its population and bustling downtown area. And rent prices range around $955 for a one-bedroom place.

In any major city, you’d expect great cuisine, and this city does not disappoint. As the seventh best city for vegans, our vegan friends have endless options for places to dine.

End of the Line was the first 100 percent vegan restaurant in the area. Live! has juices and small eats like wraps and salads. Chizuko, a self-proclaimed “dive bar” has vegan snacks and live music. With so many options, this city is a hot spot for hungry vegans.

6. Portland, ME


Portland, Oregon, renowned for its liberal hippy community would have been a far too obvious choice as one of the best cities for vegans. But, it’s Portland, Maine that ranks on our list of best cities for vegans. Portland, the most populous city in the state, has a variety of veggie-friendly restaurants.

From Asian-inspired food at The Green Elephant to Otto that has vegan-cheese substitutes, Portland offers tasty treats for everyone.

5. Bloomington, IN


This charming mid-Western city is a college town full of restaurants, outdoor activities, bike races, breweries and vegan cuisine. Ranked as the seventh smartest city in the U.S., Bloomington is also the fifth-best city for vegans.

Whether you’re a college student who needs a break from studying, a tourist or a resident, you’re bound to find some of the country’s best vegan food right around the corner. Vegan food isn’t just fruits and veggies, and Bloomington is proof of that.

King Dough, a local pizza joint, offers vegan-style pizzas. Looking for Middle Eastern food? Check out Falafels. Want classic pub food options? This city’s got that, too, at The Laughing Planet Cafe.

Residents in this college town will pay roughly $938 for a one-bedroom apartment.

4. Santa Cruz, CA

santa cruz

Like Santa Monica, the city of Santa Cruz offers a beach-side amusement park in addition to multiple beaches, shops and restaurants. Scattered throughout the city are vegan gems that offer delicious, fresh, real food for hungry tourists and residents alike.

If you find yourself in Santa Cruz looking for vegan cuisine, be sure to check out some of these highly-rated options like Bagelry and its vegan cream cheese, Samba Rock Acai Cafe or the intergalactic Saturn Cafe. Santa Cruz has endless options for vegans looking to enjoy the beaches of sunny California and the stunning redwoods.

With so many great food options to choose from, make sure you save some money for your monthly rent of $2,250 on average.

3. Santa Monica, CA

santa monica

When you think of Santa Monica, images of the beach, roller coasters and Ferris wheels on the pier may pop into your head. Located west of Los Angeles, Santa Monica is a hip beach town that’s fun, festive and full of food.

While the amusement park offers corn dogs and cotton candy, this city is also ranked high on the list of best cities for vegans. Places like Viva Vegan, True Food Kitchen and Flower Child, all offer a variety of vegan cuisines that’ll taste delicious after wandering the streets of Santa Monica and relaxing on the beaches.

After you’ve spent your money on vegan food and the fair, Santa Monica residents spend money on rent, which costs $4,201 for a one-bedroom place.

2. Asheville, NC


Asheville touts itself as “one of the most welcoming, vibrant cities in America.” This Appalachian town is both a mountain city and an urban center. It has everything from outdoor activities to art galleries to a hip food scene.

For those foodies out there that thrive on the vegan lifestyle, Asheville is a city for you to check out. Whether you’re looking for fine-dining options or hearty home-cooked meals, Asheville has it all.

Take Plant for example. Plant is a vegan fancy restaurant with an intimate setting, which sources 90 percent of its food locally and uses no animal products at all. And if you’re looking for a casual dining joint in Asheville, check out Sunny Point Cafe, where you’ll find a full menu that offers plenty of vegan options.

Asheville residents pay an average of $1,036 for a one-bedroom apartment.

1. Sarasota, FL


Sarasota is a sunny beach city and metro area located on the southwestern tip of Florida. The city is full of activity and the food scene is highly-rated. In fact, Sarasota has more Zagat-rated restaurants than any other city in the entire state.

Among those award-winning restaurants, you’ll find a variety of vegan dining options as Sarasota ranks as the No. 1 best city for vegans in the U.S. While there are plenty of meat-free restaurants, Leaf and Lentil is making headlines. A small, boutique restaurant near Indian Beach Plaza, this vegan restaurant offers salads and small plates that will delight the taste buds.

Beauty of Sprouts, another vegan and gluten-free dining joint, offers a menu that changes weekly. Lila, another vegan option in the downtown area, is a farm-to-table restaurant that caters to vegans but also offers sustainable meat products.

Whether you’re new to the vegan scene or not, Sarasota offers a plethora of dining options that can offer something delicious for everyone.

After you’ve paid the bill and are ready to head home, you can settle into a one-bedroom apartment that costs $1,303 on average in Sarasota.

The top 50 cities for vegans

What if you don’t reside in one of the top 10 cities for vegans? Well, don’t fret. There are 40 other cities nationwide that made our list of the top 50 best cities for vegans.

RankCityStatePopulationVegan RestaurantsTotal RestaurantsVegan Restaurants Per 100k PeopleShare of Vegan Restaurants
3Santa MonicaCA91,4112037321.885.36%
4Santa CruzCA64,7251421221.636.60%
10Salt Lake CityUT200,5913377816.454.24%
12Miami BeachFL91,7181455015.262.55%
16Ann ArborMI121,8901635613.134.49%
19Saint LouisMO302,838381,55112.552.45%
27Boca RatonFL99,2441047910.082.09%
31West Palm BeachFL111,398114919.872.24%
33Fort CollinsCO167,830163309.534.85%
35Las VegasNV644,644603,3079.311.81%
38Grand RapidsMI200,217185668.993.18%
40San FranciscoCA883,305732,9718.262.46%
44New OrleansLA391,006281,1007.162.55%

Top 10 cities with the most vegan restaurants

In case you are just looking for total options, here are the 10 cities with the most overall vegan restaurants.

RankCityStatePopulationVegan Restaurants
2New YorkNY19,542,209129
3Los AngelesCA3,990,456115
6San DiegoCA1,425,97684
7San FranciscoCA883,30573
10Las VegasNV644,64460


To determine our best cities for vegans, we came up with cities with at least 10 vegan restaurants according to 8 million commercially available business listings. We then divided this restaurant county by each location’s population and multiplied by 100,000 to determine a ratio of the number of restaurants per 100,000 residents in each city to come up with our quantitative ranking. These listings may not reflect recent openings or closings.

The rent information included in this article is based on November 2019 multifamily rental property inventory on Apartment Guide and and is used for illustrative purposes only. The data contained herein does not constitute financial advice or a pricing guarantee for any apartment.

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