The Best Colors for Small Apartments

You’ve unpacked your boxes, stuffed your wardrobe into that tiny corner closet and finally gotten used to your new building’s sights and sounds. Now what? When it comes to making a rental feel like home, little does more to personalize your space than an apartment color scheme.

Paint can make walls come alive with personality, reflect your goals for your home and create a cohesive design worthy of a spot on HGTV–just make sure you have approval from your landlord. Here are some of the best colors for small apartments:

A Sea of Blue

Although many renters imagine that dark colors will make their space seem smaller, this isn’t really the case. Design experts agree that soothing, monochromatic colors for small apartments make the spaces incredibly cohesive, rather than cluttered or busy. The key to pulling off a blue color scheme is to incorporate the hue into various facets of your space. Blue walls, a blue rug, blue pillow cushions, blue wall art and blue window treatments will trick the eye into not knowing where the walls end and the floor begins. Accent your space with pops of bright color throughout to keep it fresh and lively.

Eclectic White

If white walls make you think of your Grandma’s decorating style, you haven’t been on Pinterest lately. Artsy folks are totally digging the look of monochromatic white paired with edgy light fixtures, lots of wall art and a bevy of funky decor accessories.To enliven the space, accent with flowers (how French!), add brightly colored pillows and your accessories–like purses and coats–against the white walls.

Beige, Boring? No Way!

OK, sure–beige is a go-to color for renters looking for a little bit of color without the intensity of brights and darks. But there’s nothing wrong with beige! Creams, ivories, beiges and even light browns create an aura of warmth that is perfect for tiny apartments. Plus, beige goes with everything! You can spice up your space to look eclectic, modern or vintage–beige knows no boundaries.

Can’t Decide? Create an Accent Wall

Accent walls are fab because they allow renters to play with color without having to commit to painting an entire apartment. Accent walls also draw the eye to a certain part of your space, making it ideal for renters who can’t afford to buy an entire home’s worth of furnishing and decor items. Paint your wall any color that suits your fancy, or get creative with stencils and wallpaper. Then display your photos, TV or favorite furniture piece against your personality-filled wall.

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