Best House Plants for Your Apartment

Plants can be placed in different areas around your apartment depending on the temperature and what type of sunlight they may need. Some plants do better hanging and some do better pushed into a dark corner. So, if you do your research, you can find the perfect plant for you.

We’ve profiled five popular indoor houseplants that can work in almost any space. Check them out to see which would fit best in your space.


Pothos – also known as devil’s ivy – thrives whether it sits in a pot or hangs from a basket. This is one of the best houseplants out there because of its versatility! It does well in bright, but indirect light and it requires minimal water. Just be mindful of what’s around the plant. Indoors, it can grow anywhere from six to 10 feet in length.

Iron Plants

The iron plant is used most widely as ground cover in very shady areas. This is what makes it perfect as an indoor plant for the cooler, darker spots of your apartment. It’s very low maintenance and grows very slowly, so there’s no worry of it overtaking your space. It grows well in low light conditions and doesn’t usually grow above two feet in height.


If you want a real no-fuss plant for your apartment, consider a cactus. While they don’t require a lot of watering, they do need a lot of light. Save these prickly guys for the sunniest spots in your home and make sure to rotate the pot so the full plant is exposed to the sun. They do get thirsty on occasion, so be sure to research exactly how much water your type of cactus needs.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo, which is not actually bamboo, is a perfect indoor plant. It needs to be kept in an area that doesn’t get a lot of light. The root should always remain submerged in water, but it’s a slow drinker. The water needs to be changed only every few weeks and it doesn’t require a lot of extra care in-between watering.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a type of succulent, making it another plant that requires minimal effort. They need lots of bright light and hardly ever need water. They also grow pretty slowly indoors, and the gel that lives inside the leaves is great for treating minor burns and rashes that may occur.

Don’t let a lack of space or light deter you from taking on some indoor hanging plants or a more traditional potted plant. There are plenty of ways you can still use your green thumb to bring some of the outdoors in with these houseplants.

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